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  1. Tomcat4x4

    2001 cr250 jetting solved

    Huh, may have to look into an S7 nozzle for my 01. My jetting is the same as yours was, 400 main and a 30 pilot. Been having some problems on the low end though (have another thread about it). Not sure if its the new reeds or the leaner pilot because I was running a 35 pilot.
  2. Tomcat4x4

    Reed choices - OEM or aftermarket?

    I am not saying the jetting had nothing to do with it and blaming it all on reeds, I just didnt think it would have that effect. But I could be wrong, as I said I am not super mechanically inclined when it comes to bikes so a lot of this is new to me. It did seem to be running rich prior to changing it and the jetting changes and reed swap were unrelated and at separate times. Even at the 30 pilot I get a little spooge and a lot of smoke Maybe I will start with putting the jetting back to a 35 (because I already have that and dont have the 32.5, and its free instead of replacing the reeds) and see how she runs and go from there. seems as if some people think the reeds could also effect this though.
  3. Tomcat4x4

    Reed choices - OEM or aftermarket?

    thanks for the input so far guys! I didnt think the jetting would really be a problem, it was suggested by my friend with an 01 who got his going great, and i was getting a lot of smoke and spooge anyway. as far as the reeds, they are fiber glass dual stage. Im thinking about eventually cutting my losses and replacing them because I am not happy with the performance but in that case I need to decide if I should hunt down some OEM reeds or try carbon fiber
  4. Alright guys, a while back I posted a thread about reed choices and reeds vs reed valves for my 01 cr250. In the end I replaced what I assume was the oem fiberglass reeds with boyesen power reeds. Had my first real test of em this weekend at the dunes and to be honest I was not real impressed. I was hoping to add some low end power but it seemed to just lengthen it out if that makes any sense. Took longer to get into my powerband, especially in 3rd and unless I was screaming in a flat and straight line 4th was pretty useless. Made it trickier to climb long hills at the dunes. Maybe I just misunderstood what it means to add low end but if thats what it is I may have made a bad choice. The only other changes I made was to lean the jetting a bit because it seemed pretty rich (35 pilot to a 30), Im no expert though and this bike is the first one I really have got technical with. Guess the main question is, do you guys think that would be the problem? and if so, what do you guys prefer for reeds?
  5. Tomcat4x4

    New reeds vs. new reed cage

    Thanks, I really appreciate the detailed responses. I should have been a little more specific, my 01 also has a full fmf system and has been jetted. Above is however the problem, everyone kinda thinks differently haha. I realize that better gains could be made through porting and such but I am not a racer or anything at this point so I would rather not get into things like that at this point.
  6. Tomcat4x4

    New reeds vs. new reed cage

    Thank you sir. Half the people praise them and half the people say its not worth it. Do you have any recommendations for reeds? really the only ones I have seen are boyeson
  7. Tomcat4x4

    New reeds vs. new reed cage

    Lookin for a little help here guys. I ride an 01 cr250 that I have been cleaning up over the winter. I wanted to freshen it up a little bit and started looking at reed cages but I see so much mixed information on them and I am terribly indecisive. Basically I am looking to increase throttle response and low end. Im trying to make up my mind between a RAD valve or just a new set of reeds such as the power reeds. Any thoughts?