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  1. Hey guys I on the process of rebuilding 1999 YZ 400f which had the crank rod seized. I got the rod unstuck thanks to a can of wd-40. But the bearing is shot. I picked up a 426 crank off e-bay for a steel and was hoping that I could swap that in there. Would I have to swap the cylinder as well or can I just use the crank? Thanks.
  2. awlupher

    Texas Riding in the houston Area

    I am new to riding, had a bike as a kid but just guned it in pastures. I am looking to find some nice people to go riding with,its seems like my other friends dont have time or ended up selling there bikes . I will be classified as a beginner, but would like to get more experience for when my Son will start riding. I am looking to try to ride on friday -sunday.