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  1. That makes sense... thank you So what size pilot should I go to? I have a 45PJ and a 75PAJ I installed the stock exhaust this morning, so I was hoping to just get back to the stock jetting. I live at 500ft about sea lever, and ride from 500 to 5,000ft.
  2. I am defiantly getting some new AP parts... there are some serious bangs, what seems like could be fire coming from the muffler, and a couple medium crackles. I moved the needle clip position from #7 to #6 last night... So after all the reading iv been doing about backfiring being a symptom of leanness, It would also be from boing to rich? Im really learning a lot. Or running in circles. AGAIN, it runs perfect with the choke out. At least i feel like its getting better. It will idle unchoked, but erratically then will cut out after 30 second or so... a small win, and moral boost. would you recommend just getting a new O-ring for the air/fuel screw? What is the deal with disconnecting the TPS???? will it set me back further? Ive read about people disconnecting it and their problems were gone. I also want to tank everybody for their help. Fixing a noobies carb issues over the internet aint easy!
  3. Another update... after messing with the air fuel mixture, I can get it to idle at an acceptable RPM, but if I whack the throttle, it dies. Plus it still pops and backfires quite a bit. I know people on here say some backfiring is normal, but how much???
  4. Ok I got it to be able to idle with the choke off but it pulses up and down in rpm... then eventually dies, and the starter makes a kicking noise. Another thing that concerned me was I couldnt get the o-ring out with the AIR/FUEL screw. I put in an adjustable one, but i jusr put the small washer on top of the spring... hmmmm
  5. So I decided to tear into the car and I found the the leak jet was partly if not all the way plugged, and this was the condition of the AP..... Also it seems to be missing the O-ring... Could this be my issue? I am going order all new innards for it. what I found the jets to be: LEAK = 90 STARTER = 70 Pilot AIR = 75 PILOT = 45 MAIN 180
  6. well i got the stock pipe back on it and it runs the same damn way.... It still rides and idles great with the choke on, but will not idle with it off. When i get riding, if i turn the choke off, its hard to keep running and just wants to backrife and snap. Should I try and jet it back to stock? right now i have a 180MJ and a 48PJ and the air/fuel screw 2.5 turns out. I know this sounds dumb but will it hurt the bike to run it with the choke on for a couple hours? Im freaking stumped here.
  7. How would I go about finding out if the ACV is working? Do you think a new pipe would help?
  8. Thanks for the advise. -I have installed a brand new pilot... -The slide plate is in correctly with the flat part down.. (with the hole in the bottom) -The hot start is working correctly from what I can tell. I did have to replace the plastic nut, which is worthless. -is the fuel screw the same at the fuel /air mixture screw? Could the leak jet have anything to do with this? should i just order all new jets????
  9. I apologize as I am a noobie... I recently picked up a 03' WR250F: The owner prior to me did the grey wire mod, and put a full MUZZY exhaust system on it. I believe those are the only two mods... THE PROBLEM: It usually starts fine, but it always backfires and pops when no matter what when I turn the choke off. It will only run with the choke off if the idle(when im lucky) screw is all the way in. when riding it up and down the street, it runs pretty smooth, but backfires on decel... ALTHOUGH It runs great with the choke on! I believed the issue is that it is obviously running lean, hence the popping when un-choked, but smooth idle when choked. The first thing I did was check for air leaks..... NONE. Played with the AIR/FUEL screw and left it at 2.25 out... Second, swapped out the pilot jet... NO CHANGE. Third, go up a size from a 45PJ to a 48PJ... Nothing. So I went from a 175MJ to a 178MJ to a 180MJ and still NOTHING. It has a OBDVS needle on #7, which i believe is the most rich so I did not change it considering my issues. I decided to take it in to a local shop to have it checked out... the guy was kind of a jerk, and insisted all of my problems were coming from the MUZZY. He pretty much told me they were super busy and it would be 10 days before they could get to it... So i brought it back home. This may sound silly but I ordered a stock exhaust system off ebay hoping that this god awfully loud MUZZY is at least some of my issue. Its way to loud for my style of riding anyway.... I live in Oregon and ride between sea level and 4,500ft. PLEASE HELP