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  1. what turn signals are you using? nice bike.
  2. that's a link to a klx this is for klr.
  3. just got a 1995 with 8000 far I love the bike just curious on different mods. any body have any problems with theirs? been looking for complete engine guards and crash bars but all im seeing is for the 650s can I get some help on that? by the way this is my first 4 stroke so far ive only ridden oldschool 77 and 79 2 strokes with no suspension.
  4. got the blaster on a trade and it didn't run. well I bought a new stator, cdi, regulator , power reeds, and a used cranks first kick but when you give it any throttle it just boggs can ride through all gears but that's only around thinking theres something clogged in one of the jets.we cleaned it with carb cleaner but never actually put a needle through any of the jets.could that be the problem? has great spark and compression and the spark plug is gapped right.i hate pulling carbs and would like some help from some people who may have had this problem before.
  5. can anybody tell me what size is the stock keihin carburetor and the difference in years?i don't have an idle screw and I cant find one for the specific make also so if anybody knows where I can get a one please inform me.
  6. ill post pics later
  7. well I traded an atc for a 79 cr250 it runs but looks like in no plastics half an air box no kick stand and no idle screw.any suggestions on what to do with it?dont want to keep it just fix and sell.
  8. its a 175 and i have 2 IT175s and one has a suspension done with this bike i just want to will and deal for something better till i get that special something have plenty of toys so im not interested in spending anymore money.should i pass and try to get something diff?
  9. i can get an atc 200 on a trade its in good condition not beat up just missing one little plastic.i dont plan on keeing it and was wondering whats it trading a yamaha mx175 1979 in rough shape.
  10. how short is it now?
  11. just wondering if these bikes have electric start.I have a 77 IT175.
  12. i want to know all about this bike please give me details on everything
  13. love it got a 77 that sits as high as a 250 idk how it was done just how i bought it wouldn have know if i didn put my other one side by side
  14. i have im just lost on where to go id like someones opinion on soemthing that they have just a begginer i ride an old IT175 that sits as high as a 250 and like it plus it has good gearing.suspensions wack but hell its 36 years old. it just seems that the specs dont say anything about kick starts no more and half the time it doesnt say either.
  15. whats a good street legal yamaha around 200-250cc that has electric start and kick start.i dont want 1 that doesnt have a kick start.was thinking about an xt225 i know theres kits to give them kickers.maybe a TW200 do they have kick starts?