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  1. wrong section bud. Could be a lot of things. Dirty carb‚ gummed up powervalve. Bad gas. Tired piston combination of things
  2. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a top end soon but what I don't understand is the bike starts first kick every time and runs great..
  3. Thank you for the help lol‚ so its completely normal and I have nothing to worry about? Its not a sign of low compression?
  4. will it hurt it to ride it? How do I adjust it?
  5. Hi guys‚ I recently noticed on my bike‚ that when I have it shut off with the clutch DISENGAGED and in gear on an incline‚ that it will jolt forward or backwards then stop for a couple seconds then do it again. Its kind of annoying‚ I've never had a machine do this. I'm really concerned too‚ any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi guys‚ I recently noticed on my bike (2005 yz125) that when I'm on an incline even if its really small‚ and the bike is shut off while its in gear it will roll.. Not a constant roll but kind of like a jolt. It'll jolt back a couple inches‚ stop for a second then do it again. I've never had a machine do this. Something just doesn't seem right. Any help is appreciated‚ thank you!
  7. Pictures from riding over the past month
  8. You guys think green accents will go good/look good with the bike? I'm thinking green spoke wraps green/black shifter green hoses not sure what color wheel spacers I should get. Maybe one of those seat covers with blue on the sides and the green ribs on the top. Give me ideas and opinions! Not sure if blue or green accents would look better. Trying to find somebody to Photoshop stuff for me
  9. And my number plates black please and thank you
  10. Can anybody please Photoshop my spokes green? Would really appreciate it
  11. I wanna add some green to my bike any ideas? Opinions appreciated.
  12. I wanna add some green to my bike any ideas? Opinions appreciated.
  13. Just plasti dip the rims. I ride through some knarly shit and it holds up.
  14. Got out and rode for the first time this year. Felt so good!