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  1. Mikecr125

    2007 CR125R

    I got the JD PWK A/S for my 05 cr 125 and it ran 10 times better than it use too. I didn't get the TPS though and the only difference I've seen is the rpms jump around a little when trying to give it steady throttle. ( by a little i mean like 100 rpm. I dont think its even that big of a jump, the sound just doesn't seem smooth)
  2. Mikecr125

    Most funny picture thread!

    I have a few
  3. Mikecr125

    Kroc 2014 Photos

    Sorry haven't really been checking this just bought a project truck that my dad and I are bringing back tomorrow so most of my attention has been on that, but here are a few more
  4. Mikecr125

    Kroc 2014 Photos

    Thats good for third race ever. I heard about all the scoring mess ups so it was bad that they took out first moto. I knew when they were saying it over the speakers that someone would get screwed
  5. Mikecr125

    Kroc 2014 Photos

    I think this is the only one i got. Is he the on in the middle of the picture? Your right that mud was horrible i got covered behind the fence and my lens got hit a couple times.
  6. Mikecr125

    Kroc 2014 Photos

    Went up to Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for Kroc (Kawasaki Race Of Champions) this weekend. Saturday was a muddy mess, since it rained Friday night into Saturday morning. Saturday was all the amateur classes and Sunday was the Pro classes, Kessler cup, and fast 50s. Kawasaki even brought Adam Cianciarulo. This was my first time taking photos of motocross. I was just behind the fence and most of the pictures are from next to the tower. The photos where i had too zoom in all the way are darker because of the lens and the clouds blocking the sun. The first pictures show how bad the mud was and a couple people ended up on the side of the step up like the kid in the 4th picture. The 6th picture is a kid on an 85. I ended up taking about 1900 pictures this weekend, and this was one of the best races i have been too.
  7. Its was my great grandfathers handed down to my dad and hopefully one day will be mine. I have been trying to get him to work on it for years and we finally started to again. So hopefully soon it will be back on the road
  8. I take care of my toys. The lemans was taken apart when I was 5 to throw a 400 engine in but we never got around to it so me and my dad are putting it back together stock until we build the 400. Also at the moment I am stripping the fender, then later it will be the rest of the car stripped
  9. Same thing happened to me with my cr 125. Was suppose to be just rebuilt but after a break in and 6 hours of riding there were no needles in the bearing. And the clean garage thing is definitely not true. My garage is always a mess and now the whole thing is taken up by a 70's lemans sport. The whole back is a work bench and a lot of storage
  10. This was my first time ever going down to Speed Citi in Seaford, Delaware where they have their SX night series. My clutch cable wasn't adjusted right in the video from the qualifier in 250c so the bike kept stalling on the gate. I didn't qualify for the main so I had to go to the LCQ but i forgot to turn on my Gopro so no footage from that race. All in all it was a fun time and the track is awesome. First video is Practice and Second video is the 250c Qualifier.
  11. Mikecr125

    Spring Rebuild Pictorial

    Happened to me one day with my 05 cr 125 we had to clean the throttle tube and once we did we found out it had to much tension and the airscrew was turned to far in so it went full throttle
  12. I ride at pro level when im sitting on my bike while it is on the stand in my garage, but actually riding on the other hand im the kid eating all the roost from the fast guys passing me
  13. Mikecr125

    I guarantee everyone here has felt this.

    My 2005 cr125 right now and I still need to put more money into it. I just finished rebuilding it today and my heart sank when it started making bad engine noises. It got 10 times better though when I went to check crank bearings and realize me and my dad never tightened the flywheel
  14. I have to take my 05 cr125 apart again, this time to put in a countershaft, and found out the chain went through the slider and ate through the swingarm. I was just wondering if an 04 swingarm will fit on my 05
  15. Yes I bought them from eks