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  1. justinf330

    Need help identifying. A part

  2. justinf330

    Need help identifying. A part

    Found this laying next to my bike not sure if it goes to it or not. Please help.
  3. justinf330

    Wiseco pro lite or vertex piston 13 kx250f

    Thanks guys, think I will go with the vertex.
  4. Trying to decide which piston to put in my 13.kx 250f. If herd good and bad about the pro lite kit. But haven't herd much on the vertex kit. Just curious what you guys recommend.
  5. justinf330

    13 250f questions

    Thanks are there better seals that will last longer?
  6. justinf330

    13 250f questions

    Hey guys new to the forum and new to kawisakis. I bought my 13 kx250 a few months back and have out about 15 hours on the bike. And my fork seals are leaking already. Has anyone else had this issue. Also the service manual says to change the piston and rings. Every 6 races or 15 hours. Is this necessary? I only use the bike for trail riding. And every 15 hours seem a bit excessive for a 4 stroke. Any input will be helpful thanks