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  1. wengr

    MCCT or ACCT for later models

    At what point in time did the 3rd gen ACCT make it into production?
  2. wengr

    Seat Concepts pics.

    Ok, thanks.
  3. wengr

    Seat Concepts pics.

    So the more you weigh, the firmer the foam selection? Do you happen to know the weight where standard foam should be switched out for firm?
  4. wengr

    Diagnose this sound DR-Z400E **videos**

    Wow - huge difference. What is the typical failure mode of the acct? are there are failure problems with an acct beyond just providing excessive tension?
  5. wengr

    Rev counter.

    Do you mean a digital tachometer? My 400s has a little digital rev indicator. I did not install it however. It was done by a PO.
  6. wengr

    How to make DRZ handle turns better

    I recently added bar risers in order make room to raise the forks in the triples. I bought Zeta risers and imo the quality is very good. I would also have to agree with the comments concerning technique. I would think that trying to unweight the front wheel while turning will contribute to washout.
  7. wengr

    MRD/SSW vs Yosh Rs2 low end torque/power

    How about weight difference between stock, MRD, And RS-2 full systems?
  8. wengr

    Auto decompression on S model?

    What I mean is if it is not actually broken, can it be discounted as the cause of the noise?
  9. wengr

    Auto decompression on S model?

    So how to tell if auto decomp is the source of noise or not?
  10. wengr

    Auto decompression on S model?

    No, there is something in need of attention in there. It just gets alot more evident when lugging.
  11. wengr

    Best workshop manual?

    Is there a favored workshop manual for the S model?
  12. wengr

    Auto decompression on S model?

    Thanks for all the replies. I have no desire to remove auto decomp if it's not defective. What is the likelyhood that it's the source of noise? And, how can I determine if it's the source of noise. It's a clatter that mostly occurs under load. The greater the load on the motor, the louder the noise. Stehtescope is of no help as you have to be moving. It's an 06 S 7.5k, AMMC.
  13. wengr

    Auto decompression on S model?

    Thanks for the reply. I have a noise that I need to investigate, so I'm wondering what the usual suspects that apply to my bike are.
  14. Does my 2006 S model have auto decomp? Or is auto decomp just an E thing?
  15. wengr

    Counter shaft loctite fix question.

    Thank you, good to know. I have the raised boss style. Now just need to decide between 15t and 14t before I red loctite it.