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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies! All of my insurance is with Allstate (multiple drivers, house, distinguished drivers, for a whole bunch of years, etc...), so I called them first. They said they would not touch insuring my new KTM unless I had been driver licensed for MX in CA for a full year (I am not). I then asked for a quote as if I was licensed for a year, and was quoted a CRAZY premium amount, thus this message. Was hoping I might be able to ask for some kind of waiver agreeing I'd only be riding off road, not interested in theft (protected by S&W), or comprehensive. Looking to keep it cheap/legal. I'll be checking Progressive, and others... thanks again. Think I'm gonna dump Allstate.
  2. Okay, need some advise on insurance for my new EXC500. I intend to only ride this bike off road. Obviously, I bought the EXC dual sport for getting off road here in CA with the least amount of governmental hassle. So, the bike is plated, and with an annual "convenience" registration fee, but am I required to purchase liability insurance to maintain the CA registration...? Something tells me yes. Okay, if so, any suggestions by the good folks here on getting the best deal on insurance that permits me to keep my registration in good standing with our friendly law officials here in CA? Thanks, Toasties
  3. Twins... Congratulations!
  4. Well, I haven’t had that much fun in quite a while! I mentioned before that I hadn’t been on a bike since my old RM250 (I won’t say what year…). So, I can’t give you much in terms of current bike comparisons… Also, I was putting the first hours on a new engine, and trying to get my “sea legs” back, so to speak, so, I tried not to get carried away twisting the throttle too much… until the end of the day! I didn’t have a lot of time either since I had just one day, and chose to drive the over two hours early Sunday to get to Dove Springs (wifey, and the dog came along for the truck ride, and if necessary put something in a splint), then back late Sunday afternoon. First impression was what a plush ride (I had the independent guy that works with3Bros set up the suspension for my weight and riding plans – he had to re-spring for my weight) , and whooowho plenty of power! As most everyone has said, I was pretty amazed at the strong pull you get from these new 4 strokes, especially from the low rpms in every gear. It also seemed plenty quick/fast to me (again, I was trying not to hit high rpm on the new engine). From what I experienced, hard to believe there are folks believing this bike needs more “bark”. I haven’t grabbed a full handful yet, but can’t imagine needing more than seems to be there. I really like the Cycra Probend hand guards a lot! Very solidly built and attached. I dumped it once, and right side of the bars into the ground, just a couple of little scratches on the plastic. The foot pegs felt really nice too, I was never up on the stock ones, but these are a little bigger, and the “spikes” definitely grab/hold my boot well, felt good! For sure the new kick stand is miles better than the stock, the Pro Moto Billet is probably a bit over-engineered, but still nice and light = very happy! Hopefully you will find you way to the Euro XCW mapping, and your smog stuff starts to malfunction… Mine did, and along with the FMF full mega 4.1 pipe she’s very responsive, with a nice growl. Seems to idle a little fast though, I’ll play with that. This weekend is a bunch of stuff to catch up on around the house, but looking forward to another round next weekend! I’m guessing they will take good care of you at 3Bros, and I know you’re going to love your bike. Where do you like to ride?
  5. I have nothing but good to say about 3 Bros. on this deal. I was very clear about what I wanted, and what the price was, and there were no surprises in the end, I got exactly what I bargained for. I did remap to the Euro xcw, no popping, runs like a beast! I haven't been on a bike for awhile, since my old rm250, this is an amazing difference.
  6. Thanks, the stand is a Pro Moto Billet #PMB-01-3007, it is definitely solid, really like it!
  7. For me, it's not that I think the oem triple clams are "not good", just that I've been following a number of forums in recent months on this bike, and more than a few have said they improve the handling. You can search here on TT, and elsewhere for guys who like them. I still have the oem's if I don't like these.
  8. Yes, I had them put everything on. I checked prices myself, and they beat them all (except a match on the triple clamps), There was a labor charge... I probably paid a little more, but not a lot, than had I had everything shipped to me, and do it myself. There are still a few pieces I'll be doing myself, like the skid plate, and new gearing, doubletake mirror, but I want to get out this weekend!
  9. Finally got my "14" EXC 500 home today, and couldn't be happier! Here are a few pics.
  10. Thanks a lot for sharing your initial thoughts and pics of your bike... now quick, get those funky mirrors off there and put on a little fold-away on for legal purposes, and hit the dirt
  11. Sorry, but glad to hear that your dealer in Santa Clarita doesn't actually have any 500 EXC's in his possession. I saw your earlier post saying they would have eight tomorrow, and it was the last straw, I called my dealer to know why I hadn't heard good news from him yet! He seemed honestly surprised, and then disbelieving that someone else had any 500 EXC's here in CA, let alone eight! He told me that he knew bikes were being delivered in other states... but because of CARB here in CA it would take "a little longer" for approval and shipping to CA. Said the EXW's would start coming first (those are on the way), then the 500 EXC's would follow. I hope yours does come tomorrow, please let us know if it does. Confirmed I'm #5 on my dealers list, after giving him $500 on July 27th. Trying to be patient, but these pictures of 2014's in someone else's hands, and reports of others is starting to get to me!
  12. My dealer told me KTM manufactures the MX models first and then moves to the EXC’s, believe you can already see the SX’s in the showroom…
  13. I put my cash down on one of these bikes Saturday. Was told arrival here in L.A. would be approximately one month... no more 2013's anywhere in the area according to my dealer. I'm a bit worried demand is going to exceed supply in the short term. Cannot wait to get back out on the dirt again, on this bike!
  14. The KTM website is reporting that "KTM’s Model Year 2014 Offroad range will be available from June 2013 at KTM dealerships". Is anyone hearing anything more about availability of the new 2014's here in CA?
  15. Does anyone know when the 2014 EXC 500 will be available in CA?