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    new to 2 strokes. oil leaking front sprocket + powerband

    loll the trollin is so shyte that not sure if srs. anyways ill figure it gona get the carby re tuned
  2. thumperfiend

    new to 2 strokes. oil leaking front sprocket + powerband

    Loll ok thanks guys. i just looked at my spark plug. it looks like its oil fouled but the tips a tan colour. also im thinking maybe carby to as the bike want idle with choke on.
  3. Hey i recently bought a rm 125 98 model for my little bro. ive got a kxf 450 but never ridden a 2t. so after going over the whole bike and replacing a few things i decided to take it for a little test ride. first thing was powerband wasnt kicking in consistantly. It first didnt kick in till abit of warming up. Powerband kicked in mainly in gear 2 and when i was dropping down gears id open the throttle but no respone. however in the 5mins of riding powerband kicked in consostantly up gears once. Ino asking this qs is pretty brpad but can this be due to my riding techniqu also once i got home i noticed black oil near the sprocket dripping around. im guessing itz the sprocket. can they be related? Thanks and sorry for the dumb qs but it will put me at ease being on a tight budget n all
  4. thumperfiend

    RM 125 fuel mix ratio + gearbox oil?

    Ok thanks krannie. Gota order a service manual off the net as the owner didnt have one unless any one knows where i can download one for the 98 model?
  5. Hey just bought a 125 rm 1998 model. My first 2 stroke. I know you guys must have covered this topic a million times so sorry for asking again and i know its down to personal preference but does the type of gearbox oil such as semi or fully synthetic affect the fuel mix ratio? Should i go with fully synthetic and if i do so should i run like 40:1 fuel to oil ratio. Ill be most likely riding trails and im not a very experienced rider. Thanks