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    2013 ktm 350EXC-F major backfiring when gas is cut

    So it turns out that when the shop attempted to remove the smog stuff they neglected to plug a hose coupler and it was sucking air causing it to run lean.The good news is that once that was corrected it is now a beast! substantially more power, purrs like a kitten and 55+mpg. So the issue has been solved. On a separate note, i was on the test ride after the repair having the ride of my life and i catch my handle bar on a tree and WHAM!!! on the ground with a broken collar bone as a few pulled tendons in my knee.Off the bike for the next 6-8 weeks
  2. Hey Guys and gails, As the post says i have an issue with major backfireing whenever i let off the gas.Here are the mods i have done so far; -remapping of the engine (3 different ones) -removal of the EPA and DOT smog kit (Runs way better) Thats it i havent messed with engine other then that.I went on a 300+ dual sport ride this weekend and it was truly annoying.Any help would be appriciated. Thanks