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  1. whyzedeff2fidy

    Want to make some money......

    A DVD just came out in OZ on this subject from Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine, it includes washing, a/filters, tyres, greasing linkages, etc(no internal engine stuff except oil changing) It came with the a mag with most of the stuff in the DVD but in more detail..
  2. whyzedeff2fidy

    What Graphics Do You think look the best

    I think it was $165AUD, cant remember but around that much, prices on the site were without GST when i got mine so i thought it was over priced when i got charged but it was fine.
  3. whyzedeff2fidy

    What Graphics Do You think look the best

    How do you like mine? Bike - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/whyzedeff2fidy/100_0440.jpg Grafix - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/whyzedeff2fidy/RUSSELYZFFLAMES.jpg
  4. whyzedeff2fidy

    Lookout Pastrana...

    Thats is his super kicker, it is the width of the pit and i believe is attached to it, the other jumps would have sent him over way too easily
  5. whyzedeff2fidy

    2006 Yami with alum. frame

    Me Wantee!!!
  6. whyzedeff2fidy

    picture of the perfect roost

    Maximum acceleration is achieved just before traction is lost...think about it!! Roosting rules!!!!!
  7. whyzedeff2fidy

    My Golf Cart

    Have you ever seen the OGIO golf carts? Pastrana & Carey Hart have got one
  8. whyzedeff2fidy

    Post pics of your local track!

    This track is part of a riding park around 2.5h from my house, this is a great track among all the others...i will get some pics next time i go. This riding park is xtremely popular for nearly all riders any remotely close to this place. Black Duck Valley Track
  9. whyzedeff2fidy

    Maintenance "mess-ups".

    Stripped the spark plug thread on my old XR100, helecoil fixed that up but i was annoyed coz it only happened since i tried to tighten it up on an angle instead of tightening it fingertight first. I will never make that mistake again!!
  10. whyzedeff2fidy

    How to repack sstock exhaust?

    I just drilled the rivets and removed the endcap but how do you remove the old packing? Its the stock stuff in there, the same as what i will put in from my spares kit. How do your remove the old packing??
  11. whyzedeff2fidy

    How to repack sstock exhaust?

    Thanks for the info
  12. whyzedeff2fidy

    How to repack sstock exhaust?

    I know there are lots of thread about this but most are asking when to do it... i believe it is now necessary but havent any idea of how to do it apart from drilling the rivets. ive got the packing and end pieces but am unsure of how to geti it all together, could anyone give me the steps on doing this. any help is appreciated!!
  13. whyzedeff2fidy

    Name of Renthal Bend

    I have a set of renthal fatbars on my YZF(they were there when i bought it) and i have no idea what bend they are is it supposed to be written on them somewhere? or do you only know when you buy them?
  14. whyzedeff2fidy

    Custom Graphics

    i finally got a pic of my graphics, they are on the bike but i dont have a picture of them in place. i assure you it is awesome!
  15. whyzedeff2fidy

    End Tips

    This is a stupid question but does anyone know why on the American YZF's the end tip of the exhaust is a short pipe while in Australia our YZF's have the end tip in a cone shape?