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  1. blackberryinq

    Oh, s#*t! HELP, please

    bolts falling out sounds really bad i wouldn't even ride it knowing that. like slackin said have u drained the oil? i would start there then its top to botom carefully looking for that screw and nut
  2. blackberryinq

    1989 xr250 help asap!

    damn x-ray vision.....
  3. blackberryinq

    1989 xr250 help asap!

    so i guess my overall question is, is there any way for me to know if the bike was bored and all that correctly without having to strip it down? im now possibly considering buying it but like i said i cant just strip it down at my friends house...
  4. blackberryinq

    1989 xr250 help asap!

    thank so much for the info guys, im having trouble finding relevant posts about valve clearance though...
  5. blackberryinq

    1989 xr250 help asap!

    thank you for the info, does the bigger bore affect valve clearance? or should they be tuned to stock manual specs?
  6. blackberryinq

    Swapping from High CC engine to lower CC engine

    my friend and I put a pantera 125 engine in a yz250 frame. only needed one custom mount and the bike still hauls pretty nice for just messing around on light trails, grassy hills and learning to drive on the road! (not that id want to actually bring this thing into traffic!) - just my 2c on smaller engines on bigger frames
  7. blackberryinq

    1989 xr250 help asap!

    what engines from what years will fit(bolt right in) in this frame if and or when this one is gone? also is it possible to remove the cylinder sleeve and replace? possibly with the stock bore and piston? friend of mine says bottom was rebuilt and top was bored out by PO. BUT here's the kicker - we have no clue what size the bore is or piston is from the rebuild or who the kit was made by because the bike runs strong as hell right now and didn't want to risk taking the top off. can someone please shed some light on this for me? Is this bike a ticking time bomb? Any answers ASAP would help! Please and Thank you!