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  1. I don't know about the ttr125, but that line of bikes was designed for woods mostly, I have been riding woods a long time, but from the guys I meet on the trail it would probably be easier to go with a "race" bike like an 85 or 125 and tune it down little with a fly wheel for the woods, so long as you want to take it to the track, also maintenance on a 2 stroke is easier and cheaper then a 4 stroke
  2. biscuit306

    Several Used KLX 250's for sale

    I ride a lot of trails but have been thinking of making a switch to dual sport and my 2 smoker kdx 220 won't handle it, im only 25 but have been riding for 19 years now. Do you guys think the klx would be a good fit
  3. biscuit306

    How much rebound control for Whoops?

    As said before it might be hard with the track, or part of your style on how you ride, I know there's more then one way to go fast, its just what works for you. I would adjust the rebound and just see what feels right, unfortunately there's no one set up here that will work for everyone
  4. Check with the DMV about the title as well as the requirements to ride your bike on the street. Each state is different, Washington will let me get a plate for my kx450f but Oregon where I was will not. I know it's not a lot of help, but I would start with Google and Oklahoma dmv