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  1. Hello mate All of the above First of all you need to check that you have a strong consistent spark This will help to narrow the search down as to whether it is air fuel or electrical Good luck
  2. Hello mate Try the correct spec gear oil that will work with clutches Some wrong oils will cause the clutch to slip
  3. Thats it mate rebuild or replace the crank. probably only $150 difference over your way. The barrel will almost certainly need attention. Once again over your way around $250, in Oz around $500-$600 Once you have it down check your gearbox bearings for play particulary the check he countershaft bearing which is under a lot of stress. Also check the shift forks are in spec and shift mechanism Good Luck
  4. Hello jp, I concur with with the above comments ie the needle rollers in the bottom end are starting to let go. The noise you are probably hearing is piston slap damaged by the deteriorating bearing. Eather way needs a top and bottom end rebuild.