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  1. Fork seals leaking after 18 hours riding any one else in the same boat ?
  2. MY 2013 te 300 had a problem with the needle and seat and float when i picked it up they just kept hitting the fuel bowl with the fat end of the screw driver till fuel flowed .. mate sound like your float level is up the shit take her back or pull her down
  3. At 15 hours my seat started ripping on the corners due to sharp edges on the plastic seat body , i will sand these smooth when i replace the seat cover at my cost poor form husaberg !
  4. just wondering if any one is using this needle and what jetting there running , im running N3CJ 3RD CLIP PJ 38 ONE TURN OUT MAIN JET 170 0 TO 1000 FEET 15 TO 25C ZERO SPOOG RUNNING 50;1 FULL SYN MOTUL OIL Its running very clean and crisp if any one thinks its to lean and im looking at a nip up tell us looking forward to replies
  5. Thanks Jeff for your post i wonder why my local dealer is unaware of this?? how did you find out about this part ? cheers
  6. Their kid mechanic out the back said we might have to heat it up and bend it to create clearance &%$#@! its a new bike im kicking my self i should of stuck with good old KTM IM unable to get on dirtbikeworld if any one can put up thread to warn people that would be very appreciated as im in a very sad place and i think the dealers have no idea how to fix it as its a fault from the factory
  7. Hey every one at 5 hours my spring had worn its yellow paint off and wearing into air box ,went down to my dealer they put some touch up paint of the spring and gave me the old see how that goes ,10 hours still chopping away starting to crack now causing a air leak and dirt to enter ,every time i go to the dealer the boss is out and they never return my calls i guess there waiting for the 6 month mark to then say its out off warranty , ktm use burg for there development so the problem will be fixed on the 2014 range !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! V#lly For#e in LiL#dale are Cu#ts