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  1. I think air lock was exactly the problem, but can't be sure, put on a new cap, drained, flushed, new coolant (the right kind)...who knows. But thanks for the help, I did make sure I got the capacity in that it called for this time, and made sure the front end was up, level, air bleeder on left rad out....anyway, it's all good, and didn't cost me a bunch more $$$!!! Get'n close to make'n her bullet proof, yeah it's a tank, but that's what a bad ass (almost) 45yrld wants to drive!! LOL
  2. Yes you do, think this is where I F-O-K'd it the first time around!!! LOL
  3. Very happy to report after new radiator cap, flushing system, adding new coolant 1.3qt.(41.6 fl.OZ's) I rode it fairly hard for a good 1/2hr. It never went above 160 on the head or the radiator!!! YEEESSSS!!!! Don't know what did it, either bad cap or air locked. I'll be grinning from ear to ear on the Doozer for my 45th b-day on the west desert of Utah!!! Thanks everyone!! Thanks Thumper Talk for setting up this Forum!!!!
  4. Went to a bike shop to see if they could pressure test the radiators for leaks...they don't have the tool...(go figure), bought a new radiator cap from Rocky mtn, Suzuki dealer didn't have one (go figure), and some good coolant, didn't know I was supposed to put low silica coolant in it the first going with the Engine Ice coolant, flushing the system good first, cross my fingers and see what happens!!! Thanks for all the posts, great to be part of this community!!!
  5. You are right, after checking the service manual again, the E model doesn't have a thermostat, both radiators are hooked in parallel all the time...
  6. I put some factory effex stick on temperature stickers on the head and the top of the right radiator, they go from 150F-250F
  7. I put some factory effex stick on temperature stickers on the head and the top of the right radiator, they go from 150F-250F. I'm wondering how I can tell if the water pump is pumping?? I had the right case cover off and all the coolant and oil drained to do the mods. The right side radiator shouldn't heat up at all until the thermostat opens up right?? Makes me sick...have put a lot of time and $$ into this bike in the last 2 months.
  8. Just got finished doing all the recommended modifications, got bike all back together and now it is overheating, never had any trouble with it before this, I don't know where to go from here....HELP!!!!!