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  1. Do a leak check and right off the bat you can see if there is power being drawn. Then disconnect suspected electronic gadget and perform leak check again. That should narrow it down quite a bit.
  2. I hope it is similar to the one pictured. I think it would look way better that way.
  3. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/2013-honda-crf250l--ACERBIS-GAS-TANK Anyone have any more information about this? I am really curious as to how it would look compared to the IMS tank (which I do not find attractive - no offense to current owners of said tank). I realize that the picture may not be the actual product but one wonders...
  4. Thanks, man! I think this may be the best option.
  5. Thanks guys. That last picture helps me.
  6. Thanks guys but like I said, I will not modify my kickstand. I want to keep that length for the trails. I just want one for street. It should not be too difficult to swap them if I could find a 250m stand.
  7. Does anyone know of a shorter kickstand for the bike? I just put 17" rims on and the stock kickstand is too tall. Shortening it is not an option as I still will take the bike trail riding with the stock rims and knobbies. Thanks in advance!
  8. Anyone know if the bike has cush drive? I can't seem to find the answer online nor would I know exactly how to check on the bike. I'm planning on getting warm 9 sm wheels but unsure if the wheels have cush drive (or if I even need cush drive). Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the tip! Will certainly try it!
  10. The new seat works great. Less sliding around randomly and it is more comfortable than the stock seat. But I've only taken it on dirt so no real long rides with my rear end actually sitting so that might make a difference. It also looks better on the bike. My only gripe would be that the front part doesnt seem as secure but it is hooked on and hasn't come off while riding. You can just kinda grab the front end and sort of wiggle it a little. But for 150ish dollara for a full seat I have no regrets.
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. Hey what bar risers are you using? And welcome!
  13. I would just like to add my 2 cents here. The crf250l is my very first bike and I also bought it brand new. I initially wanted a street bike but was strongly advised against it but friends/coworker; one of which was a pro in South Africa and Rhodesia at the time. He is now in his 50s and is still rides as often as his schedule allows. He said getting a small cc bike which is capable offroad would be the best to learn on. The skills apparantly grow much faster on dirt and since the bike isn't as powerful you will be much more comfortable pushing it and yourself. The only thing that scared me was the seat height as I am only 5'8" and 155 lbs with a 30" inseam. But you are much taller so you'd be ok. I haven't changed my gearing as of yet but I am going to soon for easier trail use. I say get the bike. Even if it is brand new it isn't too pricey compared to other new bikes. I do not regret getting the bike at all. And for what its worth, my experienced friend ia about 6'1" and 200+ lbs. He took my bike out on the trails and was impressed with it! And this guy rides a KTM 570 (big bored) exc. Hopefully that helps. I could gush more over the bike but this post is getting quite long already. Good luck!