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    Renthal Mount question

    my problem is not finding a bolt, i just dont want to spend 50 dollars on something that doesnt fit to start with, Im only 15 mins from a fastenal and 30 from hiawatha fasteners. both places in know will have any hardware i need. But if it comes to swaping out bolts ill just buy the pro tapers for 30 dollars . I mean some one has had to, or at least tried to but 1 1/8" bars on an older yz
  2. I have an 89 yz 250, it had a set of 7/8 moose racing bars. Key word had till i cleaned them out, now they are bent three ways from sunday. I just got my new renthal twin walls. My problem is my bike is so out dated that renthal does not list which mounts will work for my bike i think the latest year for yamaha is 2006 on their web site. i have the bolt dimensions from my last mount Dia: 12 mm length (from bottom of mount to last thread on bolt): 68mm I know they sell replacement bolts in that spec but on the web site they only list a max of 49mm (part number E) so my question is do they make a bolt long enough to get through my triple clamp thank you for your time
  3. 4 strokes = anybody can ride 2 strokes = only a few can ride alot of people like the 4s because it doesnt wear them out through out the whole race and seams to be the way every one is going. 2s make the rider work, constantly shifting to stay in the powerban. but man there is no better feeling in the world than hopping on a 125 or if your are good enough a 250 and ringing its neck on the track. 2 strokes are much more funner to ride if you love a hard hitting power ban. it would be nice to see them work on the 2 stroke tech a little more. they are worth saving in AMA, two strokes wont die, atleast in my life time.
  4. not to many days of my life i decide to ride like a goon, but this day i was messing around. power wheelies and laying the smack down on a banshee and DS 650, and one of my buddies comes up with a NEW TTR230 and says "i like your yz 250 (2 stroke), but my 230 has some serious power". And we raced, guess who won. 89 yz vs new TTR. looks can be deciving, but stupidty is stright forward
  5. 6262

    Pump Gas in 250 2t

    i have a 89 yz 250 that i run on 93 at the pump it does fine i try to run a 36:1 or a 32:1 but ive seen 40:1 and 50:1 thats the nice part about modern oils. If your compression is high enough you might just as well run it on racing gas (like 98 maybe a little higher). My dad had some left over VP 110 from last seasons stock car endevor, so ive been running that cut with 93 octane pump gas; thats only because i do not like VP products. seen alot off good engines burn up with VP in the tank. But i mix 1 gal of 93 and one gallon of 110 and it ran great she had a real tacky throttle response, but 5 out of 4 people have problems with fractions and i put in a 28:1 mixture and now i shoot smoke 10 feet out behind me when i get on it. Im going to be the reason why two strokes get outlawed Also if you do decide to run a higher octane like 110 with out cutting it you might want to think about rejeting it for better performance. You will get more power from 87 than you will from 110. the only reason you will need a higher octane fuel is because the compression is so high it will cause pre detonation in the motor and you will burn a hole in the pistion among other things. 87 has more BTUs than 110, but you wouldnt even notice becuse the motor that runs on 110 is suped up three ways to sunday and will smoke the pump gas motor any day of the week. but that was just some free knowledge now get out there and ride
  6. 6262

    4 stroke haters

    You have no clue how happy it would make me to see them start developing the 2 strokes as they did for the 4 strokes. there is so much potential wrapped up in a two stroke that i wish they would free. direct inject would help alot with emissions. i wish the mfgs would work on them more. they are worth saving. i guess the evinrude etec has 40% better emissons than any other 4 stroke. it could save the two strokes for future generations. while i dont think they will die out i would love to see them come back stronger than ever but thats just me
  7. 6262

    4 stroke haters

    doesnt AMA make the 250s race the 450s, that should tell you something right there. but i like both 4 strokes and 2 strokes the 4 stroke is not better than a 2 and a 2 stroke is not better than a 4. it is kind of a personal thing, ride what you want, and if you dont talk up what you own you dont have to justify why you bought the 2 over the 4 or the 4 over the 2. in some cases the 4 stroke will do better than the 2 and in other the 4 stroke will get annihilated by the 2. its like ford vs chevy really, pointless because you cant go wrong with either i like 2s but i would buy a 4. i dont know what 4 i would get but i would get one. till then i shall ride my 250 smoker
  8. 6262

    I got a question

    i just cant belive hes talking trash with a trail bike. i never wanted to race him until he said he could take me with his TTR
  9. 6262

    I got a question

    Working on building it but hes new to riding and i dont know if he hits jumps. this is kinda a "put them in there place deal", he likes to think hes got the best shi. . . crap around.
  10. 6262

    I got a question

    Ok, one of my friends bought a 2011 or 2012 TTR 230, it looks nice sharp too, i have a 89 yz 250 two stroke, i wont lie shes seen the ground more times than a drunk at happy hour. But i heard it from another friend that hes talking up his TTR. he says is fast and it can do power wheelies, and now hes starting to look down on my yz, he thinks he can keep pace with me. So next chance i get im going to show him what my bike is capable of, there might be a race, nothing big, only like a drag race from one end of the feild to the other. So i am 99.9% sure i will win but i like to make it fair, maybe give him a head start. or will it be kinda close with his new bike aginst my old bike. or would is be so one sided that i shouldnt race him and just let him keep talking
  11. 6262

    2t vs 250f

    Hey he is right it really is your own personal preference, you and only you have to be happy with what you get. I love two strokes and would buy one before I bought a four stroke but that just what I like. But I wouldn’t turn down a four for the right money. But as far as people saying the 250f is a bike for inexperienced riders, I don’t know about that. I have a 2 stroke 250 and I love it, I wish it wasn’t the first bike I bought and ridden though, because I’ll never be able to use it to its full potential. Should have started on a 125 when I was younger. But all that aside, I don’t know how it stacks up against the 450s. I’ve never got a chance to ride one, or square off with one, but if you are thinking 2 stroke 250s don’t knock the 450s either. It’s also about how you want your power delivered. Do you want a bike that will give all your power in a short time, Go 2 stroke. Do you want smooth power delivery with lots of low end and a very broad power band. Go 4 stroke. This really all comes down to what you like. As long as you are riding a dirt bike everything is fun, no matter the size or the engine type. It is hard to go wrong when you have a dirt bike in the shed
  12. 6262


    Hey guys i need some help, its my first time posting so go easy on me if im not in the right place or it was already covered in another thread. One of my friends is looking to get a Suzuki RM 125, it is an older one like my 89 yz 250 (Not sure the year yet, but late 80s early 90s i think. i will update as i get more info), but thats all we can afford for right now are semi old bikes (And my yz dont look bad, some day i will find out how to put a pic up), they are cheap thrills for us. But I was wondering if they were problem ridden bikes. I know about the whole facter of the age and it would be hard to find parts part im not to worried about it as of right now. I am also very mechanically inclined, so im not worried about an engine and transmission tear down if necessary. But i would like to avoid the bike if it had alot of problems. And just have him save what he would spend for rebuilding it or fixing it, and put it towards a new bike. This is also his first bike, he rides my 250 just fine, being how the yz 250 was my first dirt bike i ever rode, so anytime we are not on the ground is classified as riding it good.