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  1. I have a 2010 crf450r and I need to replace the swingarm, I found a 2009 powder coated black frame and swing arm and decided to buy it and turn my 450 into a project bike. Are there any differences between the 2009 and 2010 that I should be worried about?
  2. I'm about to rebuild my forks and put in new springs for my weight, how much fork oil should I use in each fork and what weight oil? I weigh about 185-190 pounds
  3. Same as every year... 8,400 is what it is usually around
  4. Your probably right, that wads while ago when I had that bike
  5. My old roommate bought a showroom floor 2011 crf450r brand new and his damper didn't have any resistance, he replaced the old oil with 10wt and it felt a lot better. It's really rider preference in the end. If that doesn't do it for you, I highly recommend the Scott's damper. I have it and its amazing
  6. Like Krannie said, the stock stabilizer helps in turns. And it starts damping turning from centered to just before full stop.
  7. I had a 06 450r likes yours, on the tranny side I believe the correct level is around 700cc, the other side has a sight gauge that makes it easy to check the level
  8. I had a 2003 RM250, I ended up having alot of problems with it.
  9. Yes the Hondas come stock with a steering damper, but they need a heavier weight oil in them. I have a 2010 crf450r and the stock damper is ok but I have a Scott's damper and it is amazing, I love being able to change the speed. It's great for mx, I'll never ride without one!
  10. awesome! thanks i really appreciate it.
  11. i need a new shifter oil seal and i cant seem to find it anywhere on-line, i have a 2010 crf450r so any help finding it would be great! not even sure what its called exactly so that might be part of the problem.