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  1. mx.122

    Coil or stator issue?

    No spark whatsoever. Thanks for the link by the way should help clear things up
  2. mx.122

    Coil or stator issue?

    Will do thanks. Would that cause the problem the bike was having? Don't know much about electrics just kinda scratching my head on this one haha
  3. mx.122

    Coil or stator issue?

    I had my sister out on her pitbike a few days ago and it was running rough as if it wasn't getting fuel and cut out. Leaned the bike over and no fuel came out of the overflow so I cleaned the carb when I took it home. Still wouldn't start, checked the plug to see if fuel was reaching the cylinder and plug was wet and smelling of fuel. Put a new plug in and still no spark. Could anyone shed light on what could be gone wrong. Would it be the coil (what I think it is) stator, cdi or kill switch, any help is appreciated. If it helps the bike is a stomp juicebox 110
  4. mx.122

    Electrical issues with bike

    I had my sister out on her pitbike yesterday and the bike started fine but ran rough - as if the carb was dirty and then it cut out. Thought it was a carb issue as it sounded like it wasn't getting fuel, leaned bike over and no fuel came out of the overflow tube. Cleaned the carb when I took it home still didnt start so I checked the plug and it smelled of fuel so it was getting fuel and plug was wet - replaced the plug but no spark. Is there anyway to check if it's a coil issue or if it's the stator. Visually checked the wires and they all seem in good condition - no breaks or anything. If anyone could shed light on what could be the problem I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  5. mx.122

    125 vs 144/150

    Thanks a million for the link appreciate it!
  6. mx.122

    125 vs 144/150

    Thanks for the reply. When your clearing the cases is that just clearing the cylinder base area with the bigger piston or is it a machining shop visit? I think if I am going down this route I'll be just getting a big bore kit as ktm 150's and 200's in Ireland go for mad money compared to similar year and condition 125s and 250s not sure if it's the same anywhere else
  7. I'm going to be getting back into riding soon after a year or so away with thanks to injuries and could anyone shed some light onto big bore 125 kits? I had a 250 2 stroke and felt it was too much for me but the 125 I had didn't quite have enough I'd like to stick to two strokes for easier maintenance. If I was to big bore a 125 do I have to rejet or change carburettor and would it need a new crankshaft and is a 125 exhaust ok on a 144/150? Any help is appreciated
  8. mx.122

    Detuning 65sx

    Thanks for the picture sounds easy to do. Appreciate the reply thanks
  9. mx.122

    Detuning 65sx

    Thanks for that! Just don't want the 65 scaring her while she's learning how to use the clutch
  10. mx.122

    Anyone know anything about hydraulic clutches?

    Could be a long shot but if you bought the bike used it could be the wrong fluid in the system. Where that hose connects to by the engine remove that end only need a spanner and either pump all the old fluid through or use a syringe to take out what's in the reservoir on the handlebars and pump through what's in the lines and use mineral oil. If it's not that I'd check to see if the master and slave cylinder are working. The master cylinder is on the handlebars and will usually leak fluid or put bubbles in the reservoir and to check the slave cylinder just take off the cover (under where the hose is by the engine) and pull in the clutch lever and the piston in the slave cylinder should push out smoothly. And don't forget to replace the gasket for the slave cylinder. Hope this helps
  11. mx.122

    Detuning 65sx

    Sorry if this question was asked alot but I can't seem to find any other answer apart from a washer in the exhaust but with a powervalve I wouldn't be happy with it. I am looking at getting my sister a 65 preferably ktm she has a 110 auto clutch pit bike at the moment and seems to be out growing it a bit and is using most of the power. Is there anyway of stopping the throttle at a certain point without ruining the throttle assembly or would a 50sx be a better idea. Any suggestions are appreciated thanks
  12. Try motostyle mx prices are reasonable enough
  13. mx.122

    Buying a frame?

    I got a 97 yz 250 engine off a friend that he was using for a go kart and I'm looking to build a bike when I'm finished rebuilding the engine and I can't get an oem frame from yamaha any ideas where to get one? Most breakers don't have them and no title doesn't matter in Ireland just want one with a vin for resale when the time comes. Any help is appreciated
  14. mx.122

    Shift shaft replacement

    Did you replace it yet if you did did you have to take out the clutch basket?
  15. mx.122

    get off a welded gear shifter

    The video will be a massive help thanks for that!