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    2007 510 smr wont start

    i just bought a 2007 husqvarna 510 sm with 765 miles on it and i was riding it the other day and it stalled out on me after 15 mins. still had gas so i tested the battery and replaced it cause it was a little low. after i put the battery in it ran fine for a bit. then i took another 15 min ride and the bike started popping and bogging for about 1/8th of a mile then shut off the batter still has juice but i do not get any power to screen and will not crank at all. when i turned the key to the power mode it flashed and shut off then i took the key out and it flashed 4554 code. not sure what this means so i waited a awhile and tried to restart the bike and i still come up with no power. can anyone please help or give me insight! thanks, cory