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  1. oakframer

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    Had a 1987 KTM GS 250 stroker back in the day...was an excellent enduro machine plenty of stonk with accessories like White power suspension etc...took it swimming across a pond once and it still ran....I love my XR....but the suspension sucks its heavy and doesnt handle ....I had better handling bikes over 20 years ago...
  2. oakframer

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    Yeah...the WR is very tempting......
  3. oakframer

    A-Loop Opinions?

    Apart from looks does it really improve handling drastically....?
  4. oakframer

    A-Loop Opinions?

    Old post I know..but like the look of your bike ....!
  5. oakframer

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Shrek 11 .....and this.....http://www.zodiac.nl/instructions/234862.pdf
  6. oakframer

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Shrek11 try this..http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1024578-xr-400-breathing-problems/ Merry Christmas....cheers.!!
  7. Hi, There are quite a few references to frame failure due to trapped water in XR frames. Does anyone have some images of where to drill holes in the frame, I know oil flows through the front section and want to be sure I am not going to drill in the wrong place. Please can we have some images and pros/cons of doing this mod. cheers
  8. oakframer

    Mikuni pumper from XR's only for XR4 worth it?

    Yes its worth it .....but like Kev XR and Bebolly said .buy a new one... I too bought second hand and had a few glitches, but thankfully thanks to help from here I got it sorted and the bike runs better than ever. While I was working on the mikuni carb I ran the bike with the stock carb ( jetted 55 pilot and 162 main) , all I can say is there is a difference in performance.... Get it but buy new !!
  9. oakframer

    XR400, Mikuni TM36 Jetting

    Bebolly, sorry to hear this, I had similar problems too , bought my carb second hand off fleabay, all my problems started when I fitted an aftermarket FMF pipe (it was set up for stock pipe by PO) and tried to adjust the mixture with the pilot fuel screw. I agree check history 'buyer beware'. I removed my broken tip by grinding the tip of a metal reamer or punch to a taper that was the same shape as the missing pilot fuel screw tip. The lower diameter was the same as the pilot fuel screw's shank (where the o ring ,washer and spring fit ) so that it fitted centrally in the hole. If you use a drill smaller than the pilot fuel screw you risk the chance of running off at an angle , unless you can clamp the carb in the correct place in a drill press. I was very careful not to break right through. With the advice from the good people on here I then set up my carb correctly ( it was no where near before) and it now runs the better than it ever did . If the new pilot fuel screw tip bent/broke when you wound it in then surely there must still be some obstruction in there....? Speaking from experience ! before you take a drill bit to it, consider your options....others on here with more knowledge may have a different approach to removing the broken piece,such as using a dental pick type instrument, you run the risk of enlarging that hole if you are not careful.
  10. oakframer

    XR400, Mikuni TM36 Jetting

    The tip on that fuel screw should definitely be longer. hopefully a new one will sort out your problems, good luck !
  11. oakframer

    USD fork swap is awesome

    I would like to update my suspension, I ride a lot tight wooded trails , in amongst trees ,rocks and steep hills and mud... almost never on MX tracks, even with upside down forks does the XR handle well on MX tracks? I have had a few motocross bikes and the XR is quite different . I am interested to know about the turning circle of the XR compared to the CRF. Reading above comments does the XR have a tighter turning circle then? this is very useful in the woods. Ilike the idea of upside down forks but if the stock units can be tuned to perform well ( most folk say they can be) I would stick with them, especially if I had to sacrifice the turning ability....
  12. oakframer

    XR 400 breathing problems

    Several then.....!!
  13. oakframer

    XR 400 breathing problems

    Thanks for being so thorough Trailryder, I appreciate your help, I will buy you a pint of beer if I ever cross the pond and visit Texas ...cheers.!!
  14. oakframer

    XR 400 breathing problems

    Trailryder do you think the PO re-set floats on angle then and also wound in screw 2 on pump setting .....seems strange .....why do it ?
  15. oakframer

    XR 400 breathing problems

    yes I agree.....not the gospel, so what would you do then ? I reckon float would be set too high if I set it parallel to bowl mating surface...is that how you have set yours then ?