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  1. Sorry ,,,file down basket...
  2. So you are saying , if I find down basket it will go into neut?
  3. Me I am 51 ''' OK got home from work checked washer it on right bottom facing out flat sitting on bearing ''. And I ck the basket again and its nothed pretty good Don't know what to do now , don't want to pull the motor again''''. And idea other then basket file
  4. What do you think about the non flat steel plate?
  5. you got me,, cold oil is thick... yes the basket has notching , lifter is in right, with roller bearing and washer, there is a steel plate that is not flat ... and BTW what is the deal with the washer on top of the outter basket I hread it has to go in a spec way/
  6. I split the case and replaced the main shaft bearing and put back together made sure the trans moved free, did not take trans out at all , put back in bike and now the it will not go into neut , what the @#$% took clucth back out and now it will go into neut, help!!