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  1. djb123

    new member, jetting trouble

    ill put 155 in then cheers. new chain and sprocket ordered thanks everyone, david
  2. djb123

    chain stretch

    ok ill get a new one cheers, whats best chain and sprocket to get that will last ages? got a scottoiler fitted, so one side of the chain gets oiled. anyone managed to fit the dual side scottoiler?
  3. djb123

    Any English Riders? Group ride?

    hi, im from Sheffield drz400sm
  4. djb123

    chain stretch

    should I replace sprockets aswell?
  5. djb123

    chain stretch

    hi everyone, might be a daft question but when a chain has stretched can I just remove a couple of links or do I have to get a new chain? thanks in advance, david
  6. djb123

    new member, jetting trouble

    cheers, a bit off topic but can you remove links from your chain when its stretched or should I just get a new one?
  7. djb123

    new member, jetting trouble

    also don't know if this will affect anything but when I took the carb apart to jet it, under the carb top that small rubber ring wasn't there?
  8. djb123

    new member, jetting trouble

    wouldn't that make it richer?
  9. djb123

    new member, jetting trouble

    ok thanks ill try 155
  10. hi everyone, ive been riding motorbikes about 3 years now and when I saw a drz400sm at my local stealership I had to buy it. ive owned my drz400sm about 7 months now and just decided to do some mods but im have trouble with the jetting. what I've done, jd 160 main jet jd needle 3rd clip keintech extended fuel screw 3x3 hole k&n air filter mrd ssw exhaust (quiet insert fitted). problem is when I open the throttle quick it bogs before accelerating and it seems to not have as much power. pops abit on deceleration normal? im new to working on bikes and carbs, but from what I've read online I think I might need to drop main jet to 155? any help would be appreciated thanks, David