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    Carburetor/fuel screw/pilot problem

    I'm having some trouble getting this float bowl for the carb off. I'm not going by the manual because I hear people saying you don't have to take the subframe off, and the book says you need to. Any links to tutorials out there or anything?
  2. sonofgadsden

    Carburetor/fuel screw/pilot problem

    Long story short, I tore both my ACLs and a mess of other stuff a while back and had to quit racing. I've been ecouraged to get back out to the track for open practice recently and I am freakin excited. Problem: the bike(2006 CRF250R) has been pretty much sitting for 5 years, and I've been slaving to try and undo 5 years of neglect in one week. I've gotten most of the routine stuff (oil changes, filter changes, cleaning air filter, etc) done. Now to where the problem is. The thing does not want to start. For the past 5 years, I've gone out and started it maybe once every 6 months and rode it around a couple days, then back to the garage it goes. It was always a ***** to start cold, so I thought maybe that was it. That's clearly not it. I can kick for hours and it won't even try to turn over at all. I discovered however, that draining the carburetor gets it started on the first or second kick. I thought maybe old gas was just not firing up. However, I've disocered that I have to do that every single time I want to start it once the bike gets cold again. We're talking I do it once, it starts all day. The next day, have to drain it again. Also, it will not idle. If I switch to choke, it idles a bit too fast, but off choke it'll idle for maybe 5-10 seconds if its warm before it cuts off. I thought maybe take it out and get it good and hot stringing it out. Seems like that used to fix everything on the 2 strokes. It has absolutely no effect, but I did notice that I'm getting a LOT of pops and backfires on the deceleration. Let me make it really clear: I am not a mechanic. However, I've decided from googling for a couple days that it's probably the pilot jet being clogged. I do seem to remember noticing that the gas was still on when I pulled it out of the garage on of the times. I think someone may have messed with it and forgot to turn it off. So that may have something to do with things being clogged. I've also been told to remove to gas screw and blow compressed air through there, and it should come out where the pilot jet is. I read that I should be able to do all that without taking off the subframe or taking the carburetor out. I'm not biting off more than I can chew here, am I? I've read a few things, but I'm really not all too clear on how to do this, and haven't found any good tutorials. Let's also keep in mind that there is a 5 year old spark plug in the bike. I have one on order, but it's not here yet. Could that be it? Open practice is TOMORROW. So any quick help is really appreciated. I'm hoping I can fix it this afternoon.
  3. sonofgadsden

    Accidently put moly in transmission

    alright. thanks. tragedy averted. haha.
  4. sonofgadsden

    Accidently put moly in transmission

    Save the judgements, it was dumb, I get it. We'll skip the story. There is HP4 with moly in my transmission. As soon as I realized what I did, I took out the drain bolt and drained it immediately. The bike has not been run yet. I had also not drained the transmission yet. I drained the engine last night, and added oil this afternoon, and just got mixed up on the bottles or something. I have no idea what I was thinking. What precations should I take? Has the damage already been done? Should I just take it to the local shop? Any help anyone could give is greatly appreciated.