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    To old to start?

    I actually play golf for my school team. I play it only cause I need a school sport for the military academies. I'm almost professional in Paintball, I'm in the Challengers bracket currently. So I am technically a pro.
  2. Hello guys, I'm new here and plan on being active. I have a question which I can't answer my self. Am I to old to start racing motocross/supercross? I have raced go karts and TQ Sprint Cars my whole life. I love racing. I bought a quad back in January, and its pretty boring. I recently rhode my friends KX 85, and was ripping in 3rd gear. I didn't go higher cause I'm inexperienced. Ever since I road it, I want to buy one and race. I'm currently 16, and about 5'8-5'11, not exactly sure how tall and about 140. Not sure what type of bike to get. Money is no problem to me. I do plan on going pro, laugh all you want but I achieve what I want always. I currently play D1/Pro Paintball, so clearly I can make pro. I need your guys suggestions on what I should get and if Im to old to start. Thanks !