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  1. I can't afford a new anything so am stuck runnning older machines, but this fall I just traded a guy straight accross my 03 YZ450f, that is coming due for a top end, for an '04 YZ250 with a shifting issue. After splitting the cases and doing a very minor and easy repair I quickly realized an idiot was in there previously. Either way I took it for a short first rip and when the front wheel lifted when it got on the pipe the first time I had a shit eating grin all the way back home. I missed that hit of the 2 stroke. The 2 stroke definatley brings the fun factor on and I am going to say its an easier bike to deal with week to week as well, no oil filters and oil changes, no valve adjustments, not that my 450 was a valve eater, better for what I ride slow tight trails, no over heating.
  2. My '05 is the same way, can't see it being a reason for new case half or repair. I say run it.
  3. When the reed close the fast moving flow heading into the cylinder is normally dead ended, the pulse re-routes this charge back to start of the intake. The timing of this is tuned with the length of hose used in the re-routing. I have never run one but inquired about it for my CR500 build and was told unless you are planning on doing long hard pulls in sand or with a snowbike application not to bother. Throttle response suffers a little so trying to blip the throttle to log hop on the trail may become difficult....
  4. It doesn't drain but pumps a little fluid with the lever. There was some heavy build up in the master cylinder but I can't see it being in the line that bad plus brakes worked fine before.
  5. I can get small amounts of fluid out of the bleeder when I pump the lever. I will remove the lever and make sure the piston is fully out and give that a try. Thanks for the help.
  6. Yes, cap off.
  7. Switching the SX85 over to run indoors on cart track, installed new 12" aluminum rims, super stickey soft slicks etc. I had to do mods to make spacers for front brakes and rear sprocket. When I loosened the front brake fitting to adjust the line I of course let air into the system, so I figured I would change out the ugly fluid that was in there, there was a lot of waxy gunk in the resivoir so I decided its prime time to change the fluid but now I cannot get the brakes to bleed. I have tried back bleeding with a large syringe and hose but cannot push any fluid into the system. I have never done this before, what am I missing? I hook up the hose and syringe full of fluid, get all the air out of the hose, crack the bleeder then try to push fluid, seems simple but no fluid movement. Tried it with the lever pulled and released. Does the caliper have to be fully opened?
  8. Yes only 2 years late, maybe they couldn't get the shock settings dialed in lol.
  9. Same thing on a yz250 and 450f. Spent time looking for missing parts lol
  10. I am looking at selling the engine out of my CRF250 so I can slide in a CR500 engine I came across a couple of years ago. Bought the 250 blown up cheap, rebuilt it and will sell the engine for more than I paid for the bike which will then finance the conversion....well some of it. Then keep my eyes peeled for a used TS kit. I am in the prairies so I would only hit the mountains maybe once per year otherwise its gonna be a ditch banger.
  11. Video of running "normal":
  12. Exactly, could just put it in 3rd or 4th and lug around all day. Exactly, could just put it in 3rd or 4th and lug around all day.
  13. So what you are saying is Beta riders are like vegetarians.....or gluten free diet people?
  14. So been over a year but to post a resolution here it is. I tore the whole thing down again and went over it all. The only thing funny I found was teeth mark on the inside of the RH case that matched up the counter balancer gear. I bought an Amazon dial indicator and stand and checked the gear on the bike while turning the engine over, it was not straight. Ordered new gear form Honda, installed and it seem problem is gone. Moral of the story I knew the noise was in that area of the bike and suspected the gear or balancer right off the bat. I should have listened to my gut. Live an learn...