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  1. vanram

    Fuel Tank Question

    Could anyone help me find a fuel tank for my 86 TT225 or tell me one that works for that application. Yamaha wants six hundred and change for one all the way fron Japan. The one that is on it has many cracks in it and is no longer usable. Any and all help appreciated. vanram
  2. vanram

    Long Trips

    I have done 1100km days and although tired no problem for the bike. I like the light weight of the DRZ compared to the KLR. I have also done several 5000km journeys on the DRZ and so far no problems on the road. Get a seat, windscreen, gear it up a little and enjoy the ride. I'm going on a 20 day adventure all through B.C. and up to Yellowknife. Should be 9000km+ if I do it like I want. My newest DR has 45000km on the frame and 5000 on the new motor. Should make it. Go for a DRZS or E you won't regret it!! Especially if you like going off road when you travel! vanram
  3. vanram

    97mm gasket set VS 94.5mm piston

    The same thing happened to me and I had a problem with the head gasket. I do not know for sure what the cause was, but all I found was the difference in size. Hope this helps. vanram
  4. vanram

    FCR vacuum leak

    you can hear the hiss of a vacuum leak. Are all choke plungers the same. How hard is it to take off the plunger, seems there is little room to remove. Thanks for the reply. vanram
  5. vanram

    FCR vacuum leak

    I have a problem that I need some wisdom. Have an old style FCR that I finally got running perfect and I now notice I have a vacuum leak when I open the choke in the morning. Can the choke be serviced/repaired or do I have to buy a new choke. Will any FCR choke work, like from an MX or are they old style specific? Thanks in advance for any and all replies. vanram
  6. vanram

    At what temp do you sm riders leave her at home

    -29C is my cold weather riding record. vanram
  7. vanram

    Is my FCR worn too much? pics

    These carbs are prone to wearing out. They are a complex piece with many parts to wear. I bought a used carb and got lucky, was worn but not bad enough. After many expensive parts, jet holder , slide plate, needle, gaskets, etc., works awesome. Buy new from TT and save yourself a headache. vanram
  8. vanram

    catastrophic failure on DRZ 400s

    Stay with the stock piston and bore. The aftermarket pistons are inferior to the "Art 4" Suzuki design. I have just read that Wiseco has a line of pistons that are capable of running stock tolerances, but I didn't look too close to see actual application. Would be nice if it was DRZ 94mm piston!! Do an FCR if you want more power and mileage. Good luck on your journey.:ride:vanram
  9. vanram

    chain bounce..can it be fixed??

    Hard to get rid of, nature of the short stroke 4 stroke. Keep it adjusted and lubed correctly and try to forget about it. vanram
  10. vanram

    Who's running 14/47 gearing on an "S"

    I run 15/41 for the street and 13/44 for the dirt. You can use the same chain. vanram
  11. vanram

    FCR reliabilty?

    The FCR has more adjustments than the Mikuni and can be more of a pain to get right, but when set up properly will outperform and will give better mileage if driven accordingly. I bought a used one off of ebay from a 00 400 KTM and replaced enough parts and gaskets to make it not really worth it to buy used. But in the end after taking it on and off countless times, adjusting AP timing and duration, finding an incorrectly made pilot jet, slightly worn needle holder, and throttle plate, I finally got it just right. I love this FCR now. I would buy a new one from TT if doing it again, I saved nothing,cost me more in the end. Hope this helps:ride: vanram
  12. vanram

    How often do you change oil?

    Depends what I'm doing. Short trips and offroad every 3months/1000kms, on long trips just went 4500kms and never changed the oil. Use Amsoil10w40. vanram
  13. vanram

    10K miles, engine woes

    Give the bike a full service, check every nut and bolt, valve clearance check,clean air filter, clean carb, change the oil. That would be a good start. Good luck:ride: vanram
  14. vanram

    stay away from drz

    Leaving in a week on a 6000km trip offroad/highway. vanram
  15. vanram

    Are you happy with your K&N Filter?

    Westlock,just north of Edmonton. vanram