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  1. Would a worn float valve be the cause of all my issues?
  2. It would still fire, it would just blubber and have no power. Sorry I'n so used to "bogging" being a term to describe something thats rich but what your saying makes more sense. I took the plug out for the first time since i put it away and it was soaked. I'm going to be making my own leakdown tester and come back with the results.
  3. Just had the whole top and bottom end rebuilt last august from a questionable person I know in town that my friends swear by, kids a sketch though and i think he just hacked it together. I noticed before I drained all the fluids in it when I took off my flywheel cover its all dirty and theres a film of what im guessing is gas cause it always evaporates when i let it sit. I always ride the balls out of my bike when I ride by the way. How can it bog/spooge if its lean? If it bogs when I'm riding once i feather the clutch it goes away. If I put it back to stock settings I feel like it wouldn't run at all.
  4. Its a 2001 btw Its a 2001 btw
  5. I am freshening up my bike over this winter, and last riding season it would bog a lot and constantly splooge and thick smoke wouldnt go away no matter how warm it was. I've never fouled a plug but i came close a few times. Now i took my carb apart and its jetted SUPER lean and I am so baffled. Right now it has a 410 main 25 pilot needle is clipped all the way at the top and the float level is 10mm. Stock its 460, 27.5, i think the needle jet is cliped 3 down and the float level is supposed to be 5mm. It has a FMF SST and Vforce delta 2 reeds, btw off the top of my head i dont remember what the air/fuel screw is at. Im just so lost, i live in Mass on the border of Rhode Island so no extreme altitudes whatsoever. I want to make it run right but the jetting it has is extremely lean as it is what do I do now?
  6. Nevermind the coil is fine. The first time I tested the coil i took the plug cap off and put the probe in the wire which is why i got a low resistence reading, with the cap on I got 17.74k ohms
  7. I just did mine it was .0 -.1 ohms for the primary and 6.11k ohms for the secondary and according to the service manual it is bad so I guess I need a new one of those now. Also i got my throttle cable off and the needle is 3 clips down from the top.
  8. I have heard that slight gaps in the reeds shouldnt be noticable as the compression from the piston will shut them, is this true?
  9. UPDATE I was playing with the adjustments on the powervalve and got it to perform better but now im running rich so i switched from 40:1 to 32:1 and it runs a lot better but now i can only hit powerband in the higher gears, still got to adjust the powervalve more. I keep hearing that stock is 180 degrees clockwise from no spring tension but how do you know when theres no spring tension?
  10. Check your reeds compression could be leaking out of your reeds if they are severilary damaged. BTW this is the gap my reeds have, does anyone think this is causing all my issues?
  11. No is that the circe shaped cover on the left side of the jug? I am 99.99% sure a TPS does not exist on my bike, I just looked through the electrical portion of my manual and didn't mention anything about one.
  12. I did do a spark check the right way, I dont understand how it can run so rich that it cuts off before powerband and wont foul a plug anyways. I'll think about getting one of those fancy plugs after I get it running correctly. The powervalve linkage does not look out of the ordinary to anyone?
  13. Look at the pics i posted of my plug its not wet and its brown which to me looks about right
  14. Heres a better video of the powervalve, I'm pretty sure its the culprit. It seems like the exhaust gases is the only force opening the valve by the looks of it but I'm still not too sure.
  15. Maxamillion125 my pv does open on its own somewhat if you watch the video and it moves freely by hand, I just think it can't let itself rev high enough to let the pv open all the way but I'm not 100% sure MXpro787 Before the rebuild it could rev a lot higher but made similar spitting and sputtering noises just when it started to get on the pipe and it had no power, the rebuild kinda made it worse haha I don't have a compression tester but just kicking it over the difference is night and day. Wild Alaskan I will surely try that later today when I get the chance.