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  1. Hi all, new member looking for obsolete parts. I am restoring a 93 cr and would like to find 95 purple shrouds stock or aftermarket. I also would like the Oem graphics and seat cover. Any leads on where to find these parts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Just looked on Ceet's page and didn't see the purple seat cover?? Maybe I just missed it. So another question what aftermarket plastics have the closest match to Nuclear Red?
  3. Trail eater thats them!!! I knew they existed thanks a bunch. How much was shipping from England and how long did it take to get them.
  4. KcDavis I see you said you know of some places that make replica seat covers. Any Idea on how to contact them. What about replica graphics?
  5. Thanks for the info. I went to my local honda dealer yesterday and asked for them to look into the parts and they called today and said they were not available??? Also in all my research I read the replacement seat covers from honda are just black? anyone have experience with this? Great looking bike by the way thats exactly what I'm shooting for.