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  1. I'm not a new rider or anything but I'm just really stuck on where to go next. I've had a yz125 that I've used for the mx track the past couple years and it has been great but I've always wanted a little more power so I got a ktm150sx but it's just too much bike for me, it's extremely snappy and makes me nervous going towards jumps because of how sensitive it is. So I'm wanting to sell my 150 and 125 and get a new bike. The 125 is getting old and beat up and I'm just going to sell it as is. Well my dad just picked up a yz250f and I have to say it's the perfect bike for me. The power just comes perfectly for me, it's all very usable. I've always had 2 strokes because of the maintenance and how they make you a better rider but with my current situation I just don't have the time to ride a lot and really put in the time to improve anymore, at least for the next few years or so. So a 250f would be great for me to hop on and hit the track/trails whenever I can without nearly as much effort as I used to make on my 125 and 150. The fact is I'm terrified of 250f's because of everything I've heard about maintenance. My budget of around 2500 has me looking at 2006-2009 250f's so they're going to be a little older. I'm perfectly ok with putting in a new top end every 40 hours or so and checking valves I work on all my bikes myself but I'm not ok with a couple thousand dollar grenade. I don't like having too much bike, I used to have a kx250 and that was way too much but was also 4 years ago when I was just starting, I have improved a ton since then. I was thinking on the possibility of a yz250 that it might have broader and more usable power than the 150 and I could lug it around the track like a 250f but I have a feeling it'll take off just the same if not worse than the 150 on the pipe. So what do you all think, should I get the easier to ride 250f or do I need to stick with the 2 strokes and just learn some better throttle control? Thanks for reading my wall of text
  2. RedFries3

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I've got me a couple smokers!
  3. RedFries3

    The 150 Club

    I'd replace the top end if I was to buy that bike. My 09 I just got has 30 hours on the top end so I pulled the cylinder to check out the piston and it looked great for 30 hours. So I'd say from this one experience and everything I've heard so far these 150's are on par with any other small bore 2 stroke reliability wise.
  4. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    Yeah I'm definitely pulling the head off to check it out. Hour meter says it has 27 hours on it but the kid I got it from said he was a new rider so he barely rode it hard. So if the piston looks good I think I'll use it a few more track days before replacing it. Definitely going to check the crank for play too, I have no reason to believe it's bad from listening to the bike but you never know with used bikes
  5. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the rims though. I'm not one to spend a ton of money on bling like new rims but man I can't stand those faded gold rims. Is it possible to send them off to get annodized black over the gold?
  6. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    Glad to hear you really like your 09. I did pick up my 09 yesterday. Paid 2600 for everything including the whole woods setup so I'm happy. Wish I woulda known about the drain bolts because I haven't even looked at those yet. Plastics are pretty beat up and the graphics are peeling, along with faded gold rims so cosmetically the bike looks pretty ugly but that can obviously be easily fixed. Mechanically the bike is great, the seller said they just put in new wheel beerings and fork seals. Along with a rear shock rebuild and new top end. It was the kids first bike so he never had it screaminh. Bike runs strong and starts easy. I think the clutch needs rebuilt though because it's a little leaky up top and the clutch drags a little. I rode it around the fields yesterday and man this thing has way more power than my 125. A lot more than I was expecting and it's got great bottom end for a small displacement 2 stroke. I love how it handles so far too, just point where you want to go and twist the throttle and the rear end will follow. Awesome bike so far, putting her in the basement for the winter tomorrow going to freshen it up and fix all the minor issues. Can't wait to take it to the track next season!
  7. RedFries3

    The 150 Club

    Awesome, I'll give you all a picture of her once she's all fixed up. But that won't be until after Christmas
  8. RedFries3

    The 150 Club

    Just picked up an 09 150sx today! How about just being a prospect of the club for now? Anyway $2600 and I got a full woods setup to go along with it. Oversized gas tank, pipe and hand guards and a skid plate. Couldn't be happier with the deal I got! It just needs cleaned up a bit as a 15 year old previously owned it for his first bike so some broken plastic and you can imagine some of the graphics and bling that came along with it too, really nice kid though. Once I make it mine it should be my new favorite bike!
  9. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    I'll see what I can do about getting the extra parts thrown in or for cheaper haha but the seller already told me they were firm on the 2500. From what I've heard the 150's maintenance is on par with any other mx 2 stroke bike although maybe not as good as the yz because my 04 is definitely ol' reliable. Never had any issues with it. But budget wise it's tight enough I can't afford to maintain a thumper but smoker maintenance costs aren't a problem. Your right though the clutch could very easily be worn out by now same with bearings and crank if it's still stock. They said it's got a fresh top end but I'll give the bike a good once over to make sure everything is looking good.
  10. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    Yeah I honestly love offroad and mx equally I'm not competitive in either but if I had to chose an advantage I'd rather the bike be better on the mx track than the woods because I'm a bit of a siss when it comes to flying around rock hard trees so I don't ride trails with the same intensity. And about the 2012 I would love to get one but they're going for about 3500+ around here except one 2012 xc for 3300. I just think $2500 is a great price for a 2009 and the seller said they'd throw in an oversized gas tank, skid plate, and handguards for an extra $200. So for 2700 I could have an awesome track and woods weapon. I just can't get over the deal on the 09. But that's great to hear about the 09's reliability I was really worried about that.
  11. RedFries3

    09 150sx questions

    After all the great things I've heard on the 150sx I want one. Coming from an 04 yz125 I was originally going to get a newer 125 for motocross and a yz250 for the trails. But then I heard that the 150sx rips on the track and with some added protection it also rips on the trails. Would it be a good idea to just get a 150 and have a track and trail set up for it? Then my next question is should I get an 09 150sx? I heard before 09 when they were called 144's they had some reliability issues. Then in 09 they fixed it and called it a 150 instead. Is this true and would an 09 be just as reliable as a newer model? Which leads me to my next question is should I look for a newer model for performance? I'm a college student and don't have much money so I found a clean looking 2009 for $2500. Should I looks for something newer like a 2012 and pay more or will the 2009 do just fine for me? I heard the 2016's came with big changes and are great but I obviously can't afford that. I'm thinking by saving money and getting the earliest but most reliable model (09 and up) from what I understand I could use the money saved to fix anything up on it and buy things like an oversized gas tank and guards for woods riding. Sorry for the long read but I've never had a ktm and just wanted some answers before I go spending money on a nice bike. Thanks
  12. Yeah the truck idea is pretty much over. I'm looking at motorcycle trailers now that I could just stick on the back of my accord. Definitely wouldn't look as good as in the back of a truck but it'd get the job done
  13. Yeah the van is a great idea. But I just looked up insurance prices and didn't realize how bad I overlooked that. Liability would be all I'd get of course but even with that it would still cost more per year to insure the truck/van than I even payed for it. That's going to be a no go for me haha
  14. Ok thanks for the replies guys. I'll keep looking around on craigslist then. I'm not set on getting a truck though I'm just exploring options on how to get my riding fix next season. Thanks again though guys at least I know I could get a truck in that price range if it came down to it!
  15. Alright so next year at college I'll be in an apartment with a motorcycle garage and 1 parking spot. Well there's a motocross track only about 10-15 miles down the highway and a national forest about 20 miles away to ride in from campus. Back home I could borrow my dads truck to take the bike somewhere but I obviously don't have that option anymore. I've been driving myself nuts these past 2 years in the dorms not being able to ride. So I have some extra money to spend and thought about getting a beater truck for the single purpose of taking my bike to the track. It's only worth it to me if I spend 1k or less on this truck. Idc how bad it looks I just need it to get me to the tracks next year and that's it. Just a internally strong beat truck for under 1k. It definitely won't be my DD so it won't rack up many miles. Is it even possible to get a sound truck for less than 1k that isnt about to blow or are old trucks just complete money pits?