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  1. hi has anyone ever done a engine swap on a wr or yz 250? thinking of changing to a wr or yz450 engine as my engine has bottom end rattle the cost of rebuilding i might aswell throw a bigger lump into it. is there any change in mounts?
  2. if u have a wr put a yz pipe on it
  3. when warming up my bike for 5 minutes to check the oil its way to hot even for 1 minute warming it up i check the dipstick the oil just pisses out of it have to quckly put it back on. its like a sump plug or somthing what going on someone tell me.
  4. btw got it tapped out and helicoiled with a new bolt and copper seal and it sorted it
  5. would helicoil not leak out the oil?
  6. yr i cant even undo the bolt its stuck spinning only way is to get the oil pressure high and pop out. plus will helicoil work as the bolt thread sort of comes out the frame will it not make it weak?
  7. sump plug spinning when warm when i ride a mile or 2 it pops off oil everywhere bike also needs new piston rings and bore shall i scrap it getting
  8. will a yz exhaust fit a wr got an 04 what years does the design change
  9. cheers can u send me a link to buy new rings and valve seals as i cant find any only new piston with rings and any think i should know before changing them?
  10. cheers is there anything i can do to cool my bike down?
  11. my bike runs really hot can i just use 100% coolant?
  12. yr i have lose of oil and the oil is abit cloudy going to do an oil change soon
  13. anyone had this problem got 04 wr and when im hard on the thottle or do a wheelie a little puff of blue smokes comes out. piston rings or valve seals and how long will that last for it completely &%$#@!s up got to get 15 miles and back from college. plus is it really normally like £178 for a piston and rings and £42 for gaskets why is this bike so expensive??
  14. i weigh 8 stone and it does lift in second of the thottle.
  15. please give me the site you got them tyres from been looking for blue tyres for ages