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  1. Hey guys My name is Derek. I just moved here from the Bay Area and im looking for some guys/gals o ride with. I have a 99 yz400f, plated and ive started to convert to a supermoto. Does anyone know good places to ride ? Or parking lot race ? If anyone does let me know.
  2. Hello guys, my name is Derek, I recently bought a 99 yz400f and ive decided to turn it into a supermoto. I have street tires on stock rims,but I wanted to upgrade my brakes and rims. Does anyone know a cheap alt ? I simply cannot afford to spend $1000 on a set of tires/rims. Ive heard that I can put R6 wheels on my bike. Does anyone know if that is true ? or does anyone have a set of supermoto rims they will sell for 500ish ?