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    2003 Kx 250 jetting problems

    i seem to be having the same trouble with my bike. I had the entire motor rebuilt, top and bottom end. When i got the bike it had a 160 main and a 50 pilot. I ride at 4500-5000 ft elevation in idaho, and have since rejetted the bike to 45 pilot and 158 main needle in the second from top position. My bike runs really well as long as im on the pipe, but the bottom end is weak at best. it feels like i have the choke on still. if there is any sort of incline at all the bike struggles just to move forward, i have to keep the rpms up and slip the clutch excessively just to get it to go. i have gone as far as a 42 pilot and it was too lean, the bike idle was very fast. i have tried 1 1/2 turns out up to 2 1/2 turns on the air screw and the bottom rpm power doesnt seem to improve. i have been on a fuel injected 450 for the past few years, so i wonder if i am just expecting too much from a bike that is 10 years behind in technology. i had a 2001 kx 250 in highschool and it seemed to have much more torque off the bottom, it is the reason i went with a green 250 smoker, i ride trails and need the low end. any advice would be appreciated