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    94 Cr250r opinions

    As far as working parts go I take pretty darn good care of my bike. Everything is properly cleaned and lubricated, I try not to stretch out the life of parts as well as my budget can afford. Damn goats ate my manual though... XD My 94 is mostly top with a platinum pipe, but if you're doing tight woods and such, it's got more than enough on bottom. Not a great bottom for moto though.
  2. DavidBeasley

    94 Cr250r opinions

    Well if you get one that's been taken care of you might be alright, but mine was thrashed. For example, there are bolts on the frame that hold your gas tank on, those have been stripped more than once. I love my CR but I just got back from a "ride" where I had to put the bike away since the throttle cable is ****ed up again. My bike has had a hundred thousand more little problems than my friends' Hondas, Yamahas, and KTMs. It's always the little things with that brat...
  3. DavidBeasley

    94 Cr250r opinions

    I've been riding my 94 CR250 for about 3 years now, and me and my dad switch back and forth a lot on eachothers bikes (he rides an '01 YZ250). Here's my opinion: I've never ridden a bike that handles near as well as my CR, it's absolutely mind-boggling how flickable and light it feels, even compared to my dads Yz, and my friends '06 yz250f isn't even close. The suspension really shows it's age compared to my friends' newer bikes though. The engine is great, really violent, top end screamer (I bought it with a pro circuit platinum on it, I don't know how stock feels), I like my dads Yz engine better though for offroad, more mid and low than mine, waaayyy less top and peak power though. I'm selling mine because I'm ready for a newer bike, but I would recommend this bike to anyone on a budget. It's gonna be high maintenance though! Edit: Sorry, I just realized the OP was asking about the motor in particular, my bad! Yeah, you'd be hard pressed to find a better motor.
  4. DavidBeasley

    2 stroke braking?

    Anybody know if there's a difference between offroad and moto braking technique perhaps? The AMA pros in moto consider the front fork packing under braking a good thing, it changes your rake angle (steeper and less stable, better for cornering) and shifts weight to the front to steer with although they tend to sit back on entry. I think they shift their weight to the rear to avoid that rear wheel hopping you guys were talking about.
  5. DavidBeasley

    To old to start?

  6. DavidBeasley

    To old to start?

    Hey, listen man, I'm gonna say this on behalf of everyone on this forum. We don't mean to be buttholes, or pick on you, or crush your dreams, but you're probably not going to be a pro. I'm not saying it's impossible, just incredibly unlikely. As a paint baller and airsofter and pre-basic in the army, and beginner MX racer (I'm a beginner and I've been racing for several years), I can tell you that going pro in motocross is more difficult than going pro in football - it's just as physically and technically demanding and there's a MUCH smaller number of places available for professionals. Don't let that stop you from chasing your dreams, but I'd have a backup plan. However good shape you think you're in, it's nowhere near good enough. That said, if you want to go pro, I'd start with a 125 two stroke (cheaper to maintain and teaches valuable skills). Or a 250 four stroke, you'll need one of those if you want to be taken seriously by factory teams someday. My advice: just have fun! And work out. A lot. And find an MX riding school nearby and do everything they say without complaining.
  7. DavidBeasley

    2 stroke braking?

    When you're slowing down for a corner, weight transfers to the front wheel - a lot of weight. On a car, about 80% of your braking is on the front, and it's not much different on a dirtbike. On a long fire road or something, get up a little in the speed there, and try braking only with your front, and then only with your rear (don't pull in the clutch!). You'll see the difference. One of the local pros in my area learned to master his front brake when his dad pulled off his rear brake and had him ride around the track for a while (eesh, no thanks!).
  8. DavidBeasley

    '94 CR250R to '11/'12 150XC

    Awesome! I was so hoping to hear that! Thanks guys!
  9. Hello! I'm looking for some advice from some people who've ridden 125 or 150 two strokes and 250 two strokes. Right now I've got a 1994 cr250 that I've kept tuned and, while not pretty, all the working parts are kept in beautiful condition (engine top and bottom end, suspension, bearings all around, rubber etc.). I'm 18 and 145 Lbs. at 5'6, I just joined the army so I'll be gaining a little weight hopefully when I get back from basic I want to get a little more into racing (I've done some hare scrambles and lost a lot). I want to race moto and hare scrambles, but I put having a lot of fun over winning also I like to take care of my own bike and I'm really, really not a fan of four strokes, I'm a big time two stroke fanboy. I tend to get worn out fast on my 250, but I'm putting a lot more effort into my physical conditioning than I used to so that should be a little less of an issue. I've got it into my head that I really think a new/newer KTM 150 XC would be a lot of fun and I'd be able to go pretty fast on it while learning some valuable moto skills (I SUCK on a track big time... For now). Also, if anyone in Washington wants to trade a half decent 125, my 250 is in gorgeous condition as I've been working on it and getting it ready to sell while I've been out with leg injuries So, advice? Who here thinks I'll miss my power? The 150 I'm looking at isn't really any lighter than my 250, anyone think it'll feel lighter? I've never ridden anything that handles near as well as my 250, including my dads '01 yz250. Any suggestions?