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  1. YamaHonda

    Thunder Valley Cost

    The practice fee was $15 on Sunday. May still be $12 during the week when they don't prep (didn't notice). VDR is still the best place to ride, I hope the extra 3 bucks keeps them motivated to do all the prep work and the occasional track change.
  2. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    Was great to meet you Shifter. You've got some skills and I have some new motivation to dig a bit deeper and really work at getting better. I've gotten a bit complacent in my old age. Can't beleive you jammed that much riding in less than 48 hours.
  3. YamaHonda

    VDR - West Side?

    I won't miss it, ate a lot of A rider roost on that stretch
  4. Sportsman class lines up behind everyone but the 80s, it would probably be a better choice so you don't feel immeidate pressure from behind and eat a lot of roost as more experienced racers catch and pass you on the first lap. You can ride your own race, especially as you get into the 2nd and 3rd laps and things have spread out. There is no need to ride over your head and if you get too tired during the 2 hours, pull off and rest or pack up and head home. No one will notice or care.
  5. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    VDR will be more fun on a weekend IMO.
  6. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    Check in next week and confirm the plan. I'm doubtful for Friday but should be OK saturday.
  7. YamaHonda

    Moab Camping

    An alternative is the Big Mesa camp area. Its BLM land north of town. If I remember right, you take 313 west. When you are coming south on 191 from I70, 313 ( if that's really it) is about 10-11 miles north of town. It starts across the road from the gas station with camping cabins, showers etc. Take 313 up to the top of the mesa (lots of twists and turns) then just a mile or two after you are on top, you'll see some camping signs on the north side of the road. Turn in and the dirt road to Big Mesa is marked. This is unimproved camping, but you are not far from that gas station/campground and town. You can ride to Gemini with a short strech on the paved road and there are numerous free riding, sand wash, jeep road opportunities for many miles in all directions from Big Mesa.
  8. YamaHonda

    crf oil drains

    Sounds like you missed the tranny drain. Its a 12MM and you'll need a T handle or a long extension. You'll also have to lift the shifter to get a straight shot. This is important because when you put it back in, you want to be sure its aligned with the threads. This is an easy bolt to strip if you are not careful. This bolt is not one of the left case bolts. If you look behind the shifter, Its about 1/2 way down and inside the frame rail. The engine drain is on the lower right "corner" of the left case. Its a 10mm but it and it looks different from the other bolts that hold the left cover on. Oil will drain from both immediately. If you get nothing, your either dry or you have the wrong bolt. Both the drain bolts will have a copper crush washer which is another way to be sure you have the right bolt.
  9. YamaHonda

    Denver Area??

    Check out W2R. there are 5 or 6 different tracks and lots of trails within an hour or so of Denver. Dec/Jan are kind of sketchy, but the rest of the year offers pretty consistent riding conditions.
  10. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    till dusk. Should get a couple of hours at least.
  11. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    Will stay tuned. Could do either weekend day but not Friday.
  12. YamaHonda

    Denver: Anybody have a Scotts arm puller?

    Used a small screw driver, just be careful.
  13. YamaHonda

    Vdr 3-14 & 3-15...

    could work for me. will have to keep an eye on the weather as it could be an issue.
  14. YamaHonda

    Great VDR conditions

    I'll be there, not too early though.
  15. YamaHonda

    Is there a bad year for crf250?

    I have 2 04's and have had no issues with nearly 4 years of use. I've done two piston/ring replacements and included cam chains and tensioners the last time. One is actually now a 270 - I just completed that change this winter and am riding at the track for the first time with the BB kit tomorrow. I did the brake cleaner test on the valves and neither head leaked. I have made one valve clearence adjustment on each head during the 4 years of use. I plan to put 07 heads in when I do the next piston replacement. I'm guessing my son and I will be riding these bikes until the 2010 or 11 bikes come out. If the 04 you are looking at is clean and will maintained, I'd do it. BTW, my son was 14 when he first rode the CRF250R.