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  1. I have tried kicking pushing and dragging. I read on another thread about a high rpm miss that is caused by a bad or going bad crank position sensor located within the stator, eventually they fail and cause the bike to run only at low rpm or cause a no start sit. New stator is in today, I will replace tonight and report
  2. Well not the battery, going to try a new coil next
  3. Thanks, I will be getting a battery tomorrow. I hope that's it.
  4. I'm pretty sure timing is right piston is at tdc (used a pencil) lobes are facing out, dots on cam level with the head, the timing mark should be on the "I" correct? Jmullins, did you have spark?
  5. I need help! I recently rebuilt my wr (new rings, timing chain) and ever since I can not get it start not even a putter. I have triple checked all electrical connections, tested all resistance values listed in the manual, timing, valve clearance, compression, I have spark, cleaned/checked carb, only thing I have not tried is a new battery. Anyone have any ideas or experienced the same thing? I'm ready to push this thing off a cliff. Thanks!