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  1. KCC619

    87 Cr250 Athena gasket kit question

    I would guess the kit will work for multiple years. Use the gasket that looks most like the old one.
  2. KCC619

    Tip Over Sensor Location

    Tip over sensor?? How does that work? Is there a low oil sensor on an 07?
  3. KCC619


    Does anyone have advice? How do I ship an xr200. From Bangor Maine to San Diego? And how much $$$ would it cost?
  4. I have used Golden Spectro semi syn. In tranny. 80 wt. Also their 2 stroke oil mixed at 50:1 Cr500. Desert racing. My engine's have lasted seemingly forever. Yamalube burns dirty and leaves deposits. Spectro doesn't.
  5. KCC619

    CA Race thread

    Next Saturday is the I8 Dezert Racers Speed Limit 100. Sponsored by Veys Powersports. District 38 at the Superstition Mountain OHVRA Area. $40.00 entry fee for D38 members. Pie plates $50.00. Great finisher pins. Come and check out a desert race down south. Same area as the upcoming Score race. Visit amad38.com for a race flyer Email me for questions. Kevincheney49@gmail.com Kevin Cheney President, Interstate Eight Dezert Racers MC
  6. I need to lower the seat height. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. KCC619

    Tusk Impact Wheelsets

    I've run a set of warp 9s on my cr500 for a few years. Many desert races. I did break one spoke and they have faded from black to brown, no other issues. Next time I buy wheels I'll try the tusk.
  8. KCC619

    OK Let's see the OFFROAD KX 450's!!!!!!!!

    Just finished my 07 desert racer
  9. 01 CR500R All prettied up
  10. Where do u get 100 octane pump gas? & at what price?
  11. The bike runs better and at a cooler temp. I'm certainly not cooler, or better
  12. I'm quite certain my CR500 runs better and cooler on ave gas than pump gas AND Golden Spectro at 50:1 .......CR Guy your wrong if you think it makes no diff.. I'm speaking from practical experience. Not opinion
  13. Hey Mr. Cr guy.....have you ever tried it?? I'm no chemist but I do know what love is.
  14. Don't think I can get ethanol free high octane pump gas here in Ca. I've been running ave gas mixed with Golden Spectro 50:1 in my Cr500 for years.....my cylinder lasts and lasts. With almost no deposits on the piston. My buddies say my exhaust smells awful though. Ave gas is always at least $2.00 less per gallon than race fuel. Is leaded and is 100 octane. Does anyone run it in their four stroke?