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  1. diggernz

    New Rack

    I have something similar with my setup. Came with the bike. What seat did u go for btw?
  2. diggernz

    Graphics opinions...

    I also have an 08 sm in black and in the delima of should I add decals. Would be great to see a before and after shot once you decide and install
  3. diggernz

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    My new DRZ400SM 2008
  4. diggernz

    Check if 3x3 Mod has been done

    Thanks for all the great feedback. Good to know there is such a community here for this outstanding bike. I will be sure to get pics up soon
  5. Hi, First post to the forum as I am picking up my new 2008 DRZ from dealer this week. Can't wait. There is no history with the bike and it has a few after-market accessories. I have no mechanical background and wondering if there is anyway to easily check if the 3x3 mod has been done to the bike? Looking to pass the responses on this question to the shop to check for me. Unless the checks are relatively straight forward, in which I will take a look. Thanks, Daniel