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  1. Took it to a shop due to lack of free time. Engine had seized up. Needs new crank, piston, and cylinder. He wants around $2000-$2200 including valve adjustment. What are my options if I do the work myself? I don't mind wrenching so long as me and my buddy and non-specialized tools can do the job.
  2. I changed the spark plug, the old one was a little black which only has about 1500 miles on it. Still, no dice. Fuel hose seems to be flowing fine unless there's a clog somewhere else. Manual petcock is good to go. Now the bike just clicks when I try to start it, like in the end of the video. Don't have time this weekend, but perhaps next week, I'll get underneath the head cover.
  3. I bought a new battery (charged). This is the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX_n3yl0CMs When in gear and trying to start, sometimes the bike will have a tendency to lunge forward even though it still won't start. If there is some issue with the top end, such as a broken cam chain, what could I look forward to as far as the damage and cost? I'm not a mechanic but I like to tinker around if it's manageable with simple tools. Would this be something I can handle myself rather than taking it to a shop? What is involved with working on the top end? Do I need to dismount the motor or can I get to everything by just removing the fuel tank? My experience on this bike so far are just oil changes and carb jetting.
  4. I did try to bump start but the rear did lock up but only momentarily when the clutch was dumped. Perhaps I wasn't going fast enough. If it is seized, wouldn't the bike just lock up if it was it gear rather than coast to a stop? I know the battery is bad but I charged it last night. I attached the ring type connectors on to the terminals last night as well so that I could directly plug it into my battery tender rather than remove the battery each time. Could that be the culprit? I also picked up some longer stainless steel bolts for the terminals. Would a bad starter solenoid or stator cause the bike to slow down and shut off? I had just finished fueling up at the gas station prior to getting on the on ramp where it only got up to 75mph and you know the rest. The petcock was on.
  5. Are you referring to my most recent post?
  6. Well, my bike died on the freeway this morning. It would only top out at around 75 mph (87 is normal) as I was going to pass a car, gradually slowed down, sputtered like it was out of gas, clanked a couple times, shut off, and I coasted to a stop. When I try to start the bike, it just clicks once and will not turn over. The only changes I made were adjusting the rear preload and charging the battery last night. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  7. I did an oil change and I must have spilled some oil the day in dirt because it was bone dry (maybe 200mL). There was no metal shavings in the oil and crankcase bolt and the engine never smoked. I rode it around a little bit after the oil change and it certainly sounds a lot better than before, though I'm more aware of noises from the top end now. Perhaps it was there before with the exception of the extreme clattering that seems to have died down a bit and is no longer noticeable when riding. I changed the oil and oil filter 1500 miles ago, 1.8L. I ride it hard but to have so little oil left sounds excessive. Previously, due to the bike shop being out of sealing washers for the frame and crankcase bolts and the oil filter small o-ring, I ended up using automotive oil drain gaskets and o-ring from the hardware store. This time around, I used the OEM sealing washers and o-ring.
  8. Would an exhaust leak sound like it originates from the top end? I did drop it a couple times on the exhaust side. I didn't notice anything unusual other than the chattering noise. No perceptible performance loss while in the twisties. Hopefully it isn't anything major. I'll see about cleaning the air filter, checking the valves (does it require any special tools?), and check for an exhaust leak.
  9. Haven't done either yet. Just bought it, in august, probably put around 1500 miles on it. Does the sound change overnight like that?
  10. 08 DRZ400sm, ~13.5k miles. Took it out for a day in the dirt, dropped it a few times in the dirt and mud, took it home, washed it, adjusted the idle up 1/4 turn. Next day, I took it out for a romp through the twisties. On my way to the twisties, however, I noticed what sounded like chattering noise (as opposed to ticking) coming from the engine. I dismissed it and proceeded with the ride. The next day, about 100 miles later, when I started it up, there was quite noticeable chattering noise coming from what sounds like the top end, which is quite pronounced on full choke. Any suggestions on what could be the issue? I appreciate any help. My bike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DvG4AapH7k Also sounds like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8CwYQ3qgdY
  11. Would simply draining the carb of fuel be sufficient for letting the bike sit for about a month (manual petcock)? Or do I need to drain the fuel completely along with other fluids as well? Is anything else recommended?
  12. Float height should be 13mm +/-1mm. www.cartestsoftware.com/fz1/jetkitinstallation.html
  13. Not sure if it's the same levers but my ASV levers eliminated the actuating bit for the brake light. So I had to mod one:
  14. Nice! Must be the 90hp 2015 DRZ990SM I've been hearing about. And of course the rear breaks loose, you have to wait until 2016 for traction control.
  15. Done. 2 felt like the cutoff point. I just added .25 to test for differences. I'll screw it in and see what it does.