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  1. i feel they allow good ventalation and air flow, the first time i wore mine i elbowed a 4" around tree during a gp and laughed as i ripped around the next corner without any sort of pain or discomfort. theyre awsome products. i would get black if i had to buy another, the white one looks dirty dingy pretty quickly after a few winter races.
  2. ill never buy from them again. every front fender has been bent one way or another on the last three. the rest of the plastics were deformed where the bolts go, so much so that i couldnt use the metal inserts. polisport is my favorite right now, and they include inserts with some of their plastic.
  3. yzkidd

    How to clean up a 2stroke header?

    F$#% pro circuit, get an fmf
  4. my first bike was a 2002 yz426f, the original owner treated it like crap. he didnt do maintanence like he should have. however, i did once the bike was mine. being my first bike i learned to ride a dirt bike on the heavy beast! i hit the rev limit constantly(because i thought it made me faster) not the case though, but like i said i learned how to ride with that bike and i never had a problem with it becasue i did do regular oil and air filter changes.treat your bike good and i think it will return the favor. i have heard that newer 4 strokes dont hold up as well though