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    Any Utah Riders out there?

    I ride intemediate, some mx, single track, snow, mud, sand, hard pack, gravel, occasional road. Learned at 5 mile and eagle mountain. I know most of skyline drive. I am adventurous, but safe. Never been to hospital, don't do roost or wheelies. I go down at least once a day "if you ain't wrecking, you ain't ridin." I ride in blizzards, rain or in 100 degree heat. Ride a WR250F 03. I only have 2 riding buddies, but I don't ride with you unless you wear a helmet and boots... I live in Midvale and I have a toyota pickup with v6, can haul 2 bikes or pull small trailer. I work nights m-f available s,s,m(morning). I am mechanically inclined.