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  1. Hello everyone, First off ive been reading forum after forum about wiring dual sport kits and signals and so on and have only become more confused. So i have a stock 2000 wr400, no battery with head light and tail light and i just got a headlight assembly with signals from a junkyard that has everything i need. it has a circuit board that connects everything and also has a small constant battery and a regulator built in, also had ignition but i took that off as the lock has no key, so i clipped the connector off the stock headlight switch and used that to connect power to the new system. when i start the bike and try the signals and lights, nothing happens. so my question is how do i properly draw power from the stator, do i have to bypass the stock regulator? how does this work without a battery?
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    i live in moncton, there is a mx track in riverglade speedway in salisbury. NB. theres a lot of good trails there aslwell. My dad lives in grand lake i was there not long ago riding, riverveiw in moncton has some trailers to a lot opf logging roads and such. trails not trailers haha
  3. i check the free play it seemed ok, but i loosened it up anyway and stull wasnt doing anything, so i loosened the clamp and tilted it forward more to give the entire cable slack and that did the trick, when looking for free play measurements in my manual it says boldy underneath to test the adjustments as if its to tight it causes it to shut off, so thanks for your knowledge, now i need ot fix the bog
  4. thanks for the advice im gonna go check it out right now.
  5. well i just bought this wr400 a couple weeks ago, its a 2000 and the previous owner had the motor rebuilt 3 years ago from the cranks up, broke his shoulder on the bike and stopped riding it and sold it, it has roughly 700 kms, anyway back to my problem, i test drove the bike before buying, and didnt have anyproblem then, but i could have turned left the whole time, so yesterday i took it for a rip with my buddy and it keeps dieing on me when i turn right! suuper annoying and probably unsafe we head back and at one point i was coasting and then went to give it a shot and pop the clutch and she bogged, i read a thread about a bogging issue, just wondering that that would be what its talking about and whats causing it to shut itself off. i was thinking that it was having something to do with my throttle cable tension? has anyone ever had this problem?