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  1. Got a chance to photograph the Lucas Oil Washougal Motocross Nationals this year. Was an absolute blast! Hope you enjoy, excuse the watermarks, these photos haven't been picked up by a company yet although I've been marketing them the best I can, especially the first one of Roczen. I've got a few companies interested, but no commitment yet... if anyone is interested Ken Roczen Jake Weimer and Ryan Villopoto James Stewart Ryan Dungey Marvin Musquin Josh Grant Ryan Dungey Ryan Villopoto Chad Reed Link to the full gallery: http://www.max713photography.com/Motorsports/Lucas-Oil-Washougal-MX/30660990_9LKssW#!i=2648270663&k=tNhh8wR
  2. Max713

    2007 CRF450R head on 2005 CRF450X?

    I've had them on two of my bikes and they worked great. Why never again?
  3. Max713

    2007 CRF450R head on 2005 CRF450X?

    I appreciate it, both of you. Thanks! I keep hearing about the 2002 CRF cam, and I've been trying to look into it further. Since my bike serves 100% street duty, I'm looking for a mid-range/top end cam, for obvious reasons. They want $230 for a new 2002 CRF cam, $250 for a Hot Cams Stage 2. From what I've read the 02 has good bottom end, killer middle, and good top end. I've read the Hot Cam has ok bottom, killer middle, and killer top end. I guess I'm having a hard time being convinced an old factory cam really out performs the hot cam stg 2?
  4. Max713

    2007 CRF450R head on 2005 CRF450X?

    Appears that there will be no cons then? Pros being better flow and a more aggressive cam?
  5. Blew up my 05 450X supermoto, need to do a full top and bottom end rebuild, and most likely a new head. I'm hunting for a used, full head assembly as it would be much cheaper than piecing a new one together. Now, R heads are much easier to find than X heads, and therefore much less expensive. What would it take to put an R head on an X? I've searched, but can't seem to find a straightforward answer, thanks for any info! Bike info: 05 450X in Supermoto trim -Yosh Exhaust -Boysen Quickshot -Correct jetting -Cut Air box