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    Might be my stolen bike!

    i would go take a look at the bike, if it looks similar to your bike and he does not have the papers and the vin number would be grinded off .. your decision after that! when i was about 6years old i got stolen my 2 dirtbike (yamaha) and a quad (suzuki) .. my parents baught it brand new .. i know how it feels..
  2. racing948

    rm 125 jets

    hi i have a 2002 rm 125. this bike is coasting us a lot of money.. about 3000$ and still not running right!!!! i think the bike is running rich because their is a lot of smoke coming out even when its hot. when you let the clutch out you need to give it a lot of gas or else its stalls. even when you give it gas its like if its going to stall. i am getting broke with the bike and i need to find the problem or else im selling the bike! what kind of jetting should i use for an enduro set up??? thanks,nick