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    2 stroke maintenance is easy!! if your a good 4 stroke mechanic this should easy for you! the bike is most likely lossing compression and you may need more than rings done. there can be a chance that the piston may be scored or even the cylinder can be also. so if you can take the pipe off and look inside you may see the piston and cylinder and judge it yourself. if your cylinder is still good id order a topend kit for around $130 bucks which includes the piston,rings, bearing, wrist pin, gasket kit. if you want to put in more money and do it right get the cylinder honed or get it replated. disassembling it is simple. all you need to do is first drain out the coolant (if water cooled) remove the head then pop off the power valve cover and remove your power valve linkage the you can unbolt the cylinder. its that simple since theres no timing or valves you need to mess around with. make sure you pay attention because one of those postion dowels can fall off and you be screwed if you put it back on without that on(doing a top end rebuild on my cr125 right now and lost the darn pin and now waiting for it to be shipped. you can see the smallest thing will hold you back). so while thats all off check your crank shaft for play and your main bearings for noise. i recommend you get a manual, its all there and tells you every thing and most important part is getting the bolt torque right! well i hope this answered your question and good luck!
  2. well i was removing the right side cover on my 2002 honda cr125 to replace the crank seals and this pin fell out. i took the cover off then slightly tilt the cover down with the kick starter facing up then the darn thing fell out. i don't have a single clue were it came from and i tried looking at schematics on motosport and i have no luck. need to get the bike back together! HELP PLEASE!