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    Engine Performance Increases on DR200

    I decided that the front end suspension wasn't really lighting my fire. Apparently, for all the years that the bikes been around, Racetech had never done one. So, I sent the front forks off to Racetech's R&D department. Got the bike back together and took it for some single track riding this past weekend. What a huge improvement with the new springs and gold valves! On the rear, here's what I found out from WorksPerformance The OEM spring rate is 410 pounds per inch The spring is different diameters on the top vs bottom Travel is 9 inches Probably the easiest rear shock install we'd had in the house. Take off the seat, side plastic. Drop out top shock bolt, lower shock bolt, and swingarm arm rear bolt. Lower the rear wheel, and the swing arm bolt comes out, and the shock slides down & out. Initial impressions is that Works was a great company to deal with. Knowledable as Cogent and Fast Bikes and had uber fast shipping! Although it diminutive size compared to the big bike shocks, it's looks well built. And it is completely rebuildable. The first ride around the playground in the yard was it going to be nice plush ride. The bike does sit a bit higher when I am on it, probably due the slightly stiffer spring rate (425 pounds per inch). Might leave it alone for a bit before I monkey with the preloading. OEM on left OEM on right Installed
  2. dorito

    Engine Performance Increases on DR200

    I really like the ergonomics of the DR200 for my size. I've upgraded her with new suspension so I am not inclined to look at another chassis. However, I am questing for a few more ponies. It's already got the Kintetic carb mod and the muffler mod. The big bore kit might be a bit elusive, this motor has been around in one form or another for years. The LT125, LT160, LT185, LT230, DR100, DR125, DR185, DR200 and others have all used some version of this same motor. I think the crux of the problem is that the Dr200 is already bored to near max.I've struck out trying to locate a big bore kit (Weisco, BBR and Pivot Works, Powroll). It seems the DRZ 250 is the same physical size as the DRZ350 motor. Anybody got either of those into a DR200 frame? Other nifty approaches?