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  1. Kowitz

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Thanks! Any advice for re learning the sport on this bike?!(ride closer to the tank, to help keep the front wheel down, haha) The last bike I had was a 2005 crf150. And this bike has so much more power, I like it, but I will definitely have to get used to it!
  2. Kowitz

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Thanks, I thought so too! I was surprised at how clean it was when I 1st went to look at it. And it is all stock! It has plenty of power for me for awhile! The last 2 bikes I had were 4 strokes, and I always wanted a 2. So here I am, let the learning begin!
  3. Kowitz

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    What did I do to my KX? I bought it! This is the 1st bike I've owned in years. Friends convinced me to get back onto a bike. Should be a very exciting bike to re learn the sport on, can't wait to ride it!
  4. Kowitz

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Finally back on a bike! I haven't owned a bike in probably 5-6 years. I had been wanting to get a street bike, but 2 friends of mine have dirtbikes(2005 crf250 and a 2012 250sx) and they had been trying to convince me to get a dirtbike instead of a street bike. Well, they finally convinced me! I picked up this extremely clean 2006 kx250 this week. I can't wait to get out and ride it. [/url]