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    KTM Rear Shock Troubles

    Thanks for the response, here is an image from google which looks identical And here is the only photo I have of mine
  2. davids9317

    KTM Rear Shock Troubles

    Hi All, I'm new here and new to dirtbikes and could do with your help! I bought a 2001 KTM 200 EXC a few weeks back, I've been playing with the rear shock as the upper bolt was not secure, I noticed the shape of the Aluminium casting at the top of the shock (where the NO2 cylinder is attached) would not allow the bolt to be fitted properly, after a quick search on the net my shock looks like those fitted to the KTM 620 where the casting partially obscures the bolt hole at one side. I could make the shock fit properly by using suitable high tensile bolt material etc but it looks like this shock is for a link type suspension which my bike does not have. What would be the impact of installing this shock on my bike (it must have been on there for years already though!) You can assume will be fitted securely and safely without compromising the strength of the attachment i'm looking for advice on how it will perform and what a future buyer would think... Note ; Installed shocker is stamped with WP 01.18.7A.02 and date 2005 Tech section of manual for bike says I need either a WP1218V728 or a WP 1218V729 rear shock absorber. Thanks for your help! Dave.